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I talked with Jason Parker from the website FridayThe13thFranchise.com!

Q: When did you discover the “Friday The 13th” franchise?

I’ve been following them since I was a kid in the mid-80’s. I kind of caught glimpses of the first film while my parents were watching it, and I was frozen in fear. I was captivated. As I got into my pre-teens, I got into watching the films in the movie theaters. At that age, you’re not really caring about the history of the films. You just want to see who gets killed and the nudity. As I got older and into college, I grew to appreciate the history and background of the series.


Q: Do you have a favorite ‘Friday’ entry?

Oh yeah! I love “The Final Chapter.” That’s my favorite. But the original is really really good.


Q: Is there an entry you don’t like?

I’m a fan of all the movies, but I have to say the one I’m not as excited about is “Freddy Vs. Jason.”


Q: Do you have a favorite character?

I absolutely loved “Part 5” for the characters. So I have to say Junior and Ethel. They’re SO HILARIOUS. I can’t get enough of those two. In fact, they totally should’ve made a spinoff movie.


Q: What are your thoughts on “Friday The 13th: Part 5?”

It’s funny, up until about five years ago, the film was looked upon as the black sheep of the franchise. A lot of people don’t like it because Jason isn’t doing the killing. I think it’s one of the best in the series. It gives you everything you could want in a “Friday The 13th” film. Outrageous characters, nudity, pretty good inventive death scenes, and the direction is good. It’s kind of like a grittier, schlockier movie because the director came from the porn industry. It was quite fascinating seeing a film that big directed in a way that reminded you of videos you’d see on sites like fulltube.xxx. I’m a big fan!

I agree that the film is sort of “the black sheep” of the franchise. But I think if you take out the “Friday The 13th” and Jason in the film, it could work as it’s own horror film.

Oh absolutely. I was just talking to someone about “Jason X” recently. It’s just a popcorn film. It doesn’t really have much to do with the franchise. Same with “Part 5.”


Q: Do you have a character you hate?

That’s a hard one, actually. I think there are a lot of characters in “Jason Takes Manhatten” that are just throwaways. Hmm..I’m going to have to go with Tamara and Eva from that film.

Q: Do you have a favorite kill?

Wow..there are A LOT of good ones. I’ll go with the sheriff’s back break death in “Jason Lives.” I like Andy’s kill in Part 3, where he’s walking on his hands, and he gets split down the middle with a machete. Also, in “Jason X” where the girl gets her head frozen and he smashes her head on the table. I liked the kill of Trent in “Friday The 13th (2009)” where he’s running, and Jason stabs him with the pole, and puts him on the back of the truck. That was pretty inventive!

Q: Would you alter anything about the history of the films?

The interesting thing about the “Friday The 13th” franchise in the 80’s, is that the films were fluid plot wise. If you changed one of those films, you wouldn’t have gotten the films that came after. That’s a great question..maybe the plot of “Freddy Vs. Jason?” Yeah, I would change that for sure. (laughs)


Q: Who is your favorite “final girl?”

I love Trish from “The Final Chapter.” I know a lot fans love Ginny from “Part 2”, and I can’t fault them for that. But I love Trish. I think it’s because she’s strong. She’s strong like Ginny, but she seems more real.


Q: What is your theory on the end of “Friday The 13th Part 2?” Dream or reality?

It’s a dream! By and far a dream. It’s funny because before the Crystal Lake Memories book came out, most people would’ve agreed. But in the book, the writer says that he wrote that scene as reality. However, it’s not filmed as reality. It’s the classic dream sequence ending you’ve come to know. I still stand by that as a dream.

Q: Do you have any favorite funny moments from the films?

A lot of the funny scenes come from Junior and Ethel in Part 5. They’re hilarious. I loved the scene where the drifter comes to the house, and she’s in the kitchen going “hiiyah!” and “I’m gonna chop you up in itty bitty little pieces” to the chicken on the table. That whole scene is realllly funny.


Q: Did you think the remake lived up to the original?

Oh no, it would be hard to do that. The original is a whodunnit. It’s a different kind of film that evolved into the modern day slasher. Now, I did like the 2009 film. They did a great job of getting out to the new and old fans what a “Friday The 13th” film is. It’s a hard comparison.


Q: Do you think the upcoming “Friday The 13th” series featuring Jason is a good idea?

I’m VERY interested in it if they go the direction they’ve been hinting. I’m intrigued about them going to Crystal Lake, and exploring characters in the town. I hope we get another Crazy Ralph. Maybe explore the mythology of the Voorhees family, and tie it in with the films. But..you HAVE to have Jason in the series. You can’t just have him shown once or twice. It just wouldn’t work.


Q: Where would you like to see the series go next?

That’s a good question. Wow. The franchise has always evolved through the decades with the film industry. If this movie would’ve came out two years ago, it would’ve been found footage for sure. Lately, Hollywood seems to be getting away from that. They’ve rebooted the movie now. They could progress from there, but you HAVE to keep it in Crystal Lake. You have to make something somehow that we haven’t seen before. I would love to see them in a winter setting at the camp. It’s just an environment that’s never been done before.

Snowmobile deaths!


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