Feature + Kickstarter: “Bum’n Baltimore”


I received a hilarious email last week from a semi-local filmmaker, Joel Schneider. He wrote a pilot called “Bum’n Baltimore”, and wanted my opinion on it.

My opinion? ::looks around:: Really?

I obliged of course. Just from his first email, I could tell he loved what he had created. It was his baby, so to speak. He was kind enough to send over a copy of the pilot to view. And it was..pretty fucking funny.

The pilot revolves around a recent college graduate, who getsĀ  caught up in his boss’ fraud, only to find his own plans for success turned upside down. The pilot was shot on location here in Charm City, with some beautiful shots of the Inner Harbor thrown in there. I envision this show (hopefully) on Netflix. It would fit their brand, and would keep the film industry here in Maryland flowing nicely.

The standout of the pilot for me was actor Paul Lehrman. I was maybe 10 minutes in when I asked myself “Why doesn’t this kid have his own show right now?” He’s quick witted, with great physical comedy skills to boot. I would say he’s on the “brink.” I would watch out for this guy.


Joel Schneider wrote a great pilot, and it was executed beautifully. He tells me he has the entire season written already. He’s setup a Kickstarter page to make the rest of the show happen. I get Kickstarter requests all the time, but I never donate. I donated to this one. Not just because it involves Baltimore..but because it’s a damn good show.

“Bum’n Baltimore” Kickstarter (includes preview)

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