Q&A: Mike Lawrence


I talked to comedian Mike Lawrence about his stand up career, and what he finds funny.

Q: When did you start performing stand up?

I started standup around 2005, so about ten years ago.

Q: Who is YOUR favorite comedian?

::laughs:: Has to be Patton Oswalt.


Q: You’ve been a featured guest on “At Midnight.” What is it like being on set with Chris Hardwick and the other comedians?

It’s super fun, easy and loose. You feel like you can be yourself. Great atmosphere.


Q: Where does your comedy come from?

It comes from real life experiences. Conversations I’ve had with people. New, crazy things I’ve experienced makes it way into my act as well. I’ve been about more reactionary stuff lately


Q: Do you think comedy has become too politically correct?

I don’t think so. Comedy has become so large that it CAN be politically correct for some people. It’s harder to talk about certain subjects in front of certain audiences. If you believe in what you’re doing, good comedy prevail. Bad comedy will lose. Most of it is good, however.


Q: Favorite part of performing in front of an audience?

When they get something I don’t think they will. I go in underestimating them. When they exceed my expectations, it’s SO gratifying.


Q: What makes YOU laugh?

Reactionary stuff. ::laughs:: Also, the show “Review” on Comedy Central. It’s hysterical.


Mike is headlining Magooby’s Joke House July 30th – August 1st! Buy tickets

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