Q&A: Johnny Mac from “Big Brother 17”


I chatted with Johnny Mac about his upbringing and his crazy experience in the “Big Brother” house.

Q: Where did you grow up?

Scranton, Pennsylvania.


Q: When did you decide to become a dentist?

Freshman year of college. I knew the lifestyle was great. You don’t have to work long hours if you don’t want to.


Q: What are two of your best qualities?

I’m great at fixing teeth and playing guitar.


Q: Why did you want to try out for “Big Brother?”

I’ve been a fan of the show since season 8. It’s funny, I’ve watched “Survivor” since the first episode, and to me, “Big Brother” was “Survivor”, but in a house. After season 14, I knew I wanted to be an actual contestant.


Q: Do you have a favorite “Big Brother” player?

Oh, I can’t pick just one. Britney was hilarious. Howie, Dan, and Dr. Will are “Big Brother” staples as well.


Q: Did it piss you off that you were being used as a pawn in the beginning of the game?

Not really. Even though I was always the pawn, I was never the target. People were playing way too hard and way too fast at the beginning of the game. At that point I was just build relationships in the house. The only week where I WAS nervous was the week of the twist.


Q: Who was your biggest ally in the house?

Becki until she was evicted.


Q: If you or Steve didn’t win this past season of “Big Brother”, who would you have liked to see win?


Jace? Who’s Jace?

::laughs:: The first person evicted.

OH! That’s right!

Trust me, you’re not the first person who forgot he was on my season. He would talk about making a spaceship..crazy stuff. I would’ve loved to see what he did with the money.


Q: Would you ever want to appear on “Survivor” or “The Amazing Race?”

I’d LOVE to do “Survivor.” That’s where my love of “Big Brother” started. I wouldn’t last long on “The Amazing Race.” I would be good at the challenges, but terrible at the airport parts. I would get on the wrong plane most likely.

I can see you and Steve now..

That would be hysterical!


Q: What’s next for Johnny Mac?

Just back at work trying to pay down my student loans. Trying to see where I go from here. Do I stay here? Do I leave? I’ve been starring in my own YouTube videos lately as well. My head is all over the place!


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