“Something Rotten!” At The Hippodrome

“Welcome to the Renaissance!”

Holy. Flacco. What a show!

First, a huge thanks to the Hippodrome for the opening night invite to “Something Rotten!”

The musical is about two brothers in 1595 London, who are competing with William Shakespeare for the next big play.

Adam Pascal of “RENT” fame is SENSATIONAL as William Shakespeare. Another stand out is Blake Hammond as Nostradamus. All I’ll say is…”CATS!!” 😉

What I loved about the show was they played homage to so many classic Broadway musicals. The audience ROARED when he came on stage.

I wasn’t expecting “Something Rotten!” to be as good as it was honestly. A colleague pointed out that she had NEVER seen applause before intermission in her 14 years of attending shows at The Hippodrome.

I think that ^^ means you ALL should go see it!

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The show runs until Sunday!