BMB’s Golden Globe Drinking Game

It’s that time again for the craziness that is The Golden Globes!

The Globes kick off Oscar season. So why not kick it off with a good drinking game? Follow these directions and you should be calling out of work Monday 🙂


*Take a shot when there’s a Trump joke. You’re gonna be drunk pretty fast y’all.

*Take a sip if Meryl Streep wins Best Actress. Like she doesn’t have enough already. (Love ya, Meryl!)

*Take a sip in solidarity at the beginning of the show for the trailblazers of the METOO movement

* Take a shot if Get Out wins anything as Best Comedy. It’s one of the best films of the year, but it’s not a Comedy guys…

* Sip if Laurie Metcalf or Allison Janney win Best Supporting Actress. Both are fucking powerhouses in their respective roles.

* I have NO CLUE who is going to win either Film categories. It’s such a great year for film. So just take a shot when those winners are announced.

* Take a sip for “Girls Trip” star and “Big Sick” star Holly Hunter for being snubbed for Best Supporting Actress

*No “VEEP” at all in the television comedy category? Take a shot!!

* Take a sip if there’s a BLEEP.

* Take a shot if there’s a wardrobe malfunction

* Take a shot if someone gets played off with the music

* Take two shots when Oprah receives her Cecile B. Demille Award. Baltimore representing!

* At the end of the show, take one last shot so you can pass it with force.

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