Maryland Votes Q&A: Ralph Jaffe

The first entry in my “Maryland Votes” feature highlights Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Jaffe


1. Talk about where you were born, your life, where you currently live in Maryland.. a short biography so to speak.

I was born and raised in Baltimore City and attended schools in the Baltimore City public school system. Currently, I reside in Baltimore County.
I earned a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in political science from the University of Maryland. My higher education included earning
Teacher certification from Towson University and a Masters Equivalency from Loyola College. I started teaching in 1964. I have taught in both the public school sector, namely, Baltimore County, and in the private sector in
several Baltimore schools.

I love helping people. It is what motivates me every day – reaching out to those in need. By the way, since 1992, my services are free. I derive tremendous satisfaction from being able to make a difference in people’s lives.

I am a passionate sports fan, especially baseball. I love dogs, and I enjoy all types of music.

2. Why did you decide to run for Governor of Maryland?

I have been a political science teacher since 1964.
Since 2002, I have been leading the movement to try to put a stop to the moral bankruptcy that has pervaded Maryland government and replace it with real ethical reform.
As a teacher, I believe the best way to teach is not by words, but by actions. Therefore I use these political campaigns as a teaching methodology to point out the corruption in government.
This is my 6th campaign for political office. I am not a politician, but if elected, I will serve.

3. What experience will you bring to the table if elected Governor?

During my employment as a Social Studies teacher in Baltimore County, in 1969, I initiated a new teaching strategy, “Student Activism in the Classroom.” A bill was born in my classroom, and approximately 11 months later was signed into law by former President Richard. Nixon. This new educational approach, which has become the foundation of my teaching philosophy today, made national news as it was documented in the 1970 edition of Reader’s Digest.

As a teacher in private schools in Baltimore County, one of my objectives was to demonstrate to students how government regulates just about everything we do in life.
Putting my teaching strategy to work, that of student- activism in the classroom, – several projects were set into motion with the high school students. One involved taking 4 students to meet with Ben Bradlee, the executive editor of the Washington Post who supervised 2 writers, Woodward and Bernstein, who were mainly responsible for the termination of Richard Nixon as President of the U.S.
Another undertaking involved Brooks Robinson, Johnny Unitas, Lenny Moore which had the naming of an orphanage after these athletes as the goal.

I was also involved with another venture called, “My Brother’s Keeper” – a program with the mission of trying to improve conditions in the Maryland State Penitentiary. (My version of “My Brother’s Keeper” preceded President Obama’s program with the same name.)

All of these activities set the stage for me to launch the JAFFE MOVEMENT.

Since 2002, 15 years ago, I have been leading the movement to try to put a stop to the moral bankruptcy that has pervaded Maryland government and replace it with real ethical reform. We’ve made a lot of progress.

4. What are FIVE (5) legislative priorities for your administration if elected Governor?

The size of the Police Departments in the metropolitan areas in Maryland needs to be increased, especially in Baltimore City because currently there is a severe shortage of police officers. We need at least 1000 more foot patrol officers on the streets of Baltimore City.
Additionally, we need to restore public trust in the police force. This calls for a two way operation where we are able to trust the people whose job is to protect us while we give police officers the support they require in order to do their job properly.
We also need police commissioners who know how to lead and can be trusted.

We need an educational system that gives students hope instead of hopelessness. My TUTOR-MENTOR TEAM PROGRAM is designed to keep students on the right path to a life of success rather than despair. Students are given an opportunity to connect with a TUTOR-MENTOR TEAM who will stay with them from the moment of linking up until the student graduates from high school and/or college and is gainfully employed.

I believe that teachers are overworked and underpaid.

Nursing Homes
The treatment of the elderly in nursing homes can be labeled as disgraceful. Unless the resident has tons of money to pay for special service, it comes as no surprise that the residents are often victims of negligence and mistreatment. I have expressed concerns about understaffing and safety in these facilities for the last 20 years.
Better treatment of citizens living in nursing homes will be a major priority. Currently, one nurse’s assistant can be assigned 30 patients at one time on his/her shift. This is unacceptable. I will try to get the state legislature to pass legislation calling for no more than 6 patients to one nurse’s assistant.

Customers of BGE have suffered long and hard due to the disgraceful service of BGE when it comes to the restoration of their power when power outages occur. It takes entirely too long to get their power back on.

Elimination of wasteful spending of taxpayer money in various government agencies
For example, when people who occupy PR positions in any government agency retire, the position can be filled with volunteers.

5. Why is Freda Jaffe your pick for Lt. Governor?

She shares the same values as I do.
She has spent 30 years as a classroom teacher and school library media specialist in the Baltimore County Public School System. She earned the following degrees:
Bachelor’s Degree in education from Towson University
Master’s Degree in education, Towson University
Master’s Degree, library science, University of Maryland
She is able to bring her insight, knowledge, and experience to the table in addressing the educational issues that are so important for our youth today.

6. I live in Baltimore, as do most my readers. What is your plan for Baltimore?

The implementation of my TUTOR-MENTOR TEAM PROGRAM is a major priority. Its implementation will allow us to get a handle on the despicable, deteriorating public school educational system that has been caused by the phony career politicians in office.

Addressing the crime problem in a manner that will help to extinguish the horrific fires of murders, shootings, robberies, and carjackings that are taking place everyday and causing tremendous suffering for the citizens of Baltimore City. I have been calling for the National Guard to be put in place for a period of 3 to 6 weeks. What’s more we need to take bold measures to increase the number of police officers patrolling the streets. Presently, we are at least 1000 officers short.

7. Why should Democrats vote for you in June?

I have a track record of 15 years in leading the movement to get rid of the moral bankruptcy and corruption that prevail in Maryland government and replace it with real ethical reform. I have kept my word. I have not taken a dime in campaign contributions so I cannot be bought. I am the only candidate committed to putting a stop to the phony career politicians or wannabe career politicians who are more interested in acquiring fame, power, money than serving the public.

If I could get fair coverage from the morally bankrupt media in Maryland, I could probably get elected.

My 5 principles are:
– Refuse campaign contributions – They are disguised bribes.
– Pursue the truth – This should be all the time.
– Serve one term only – The goal is to be a good public servant, not to acquire money, fame, and power.
– Stay away from paid, professional lobbyists – I teach my students to be their own lobbyists.
– Serve free -Put the salary in a trust fund to be distributed to the needy in the state

8. Why do you think the VEIP (Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program) is a rip off?
People are burdened with traveling to the test center, waiting in line, and paying a fee to take a test that has little if any real impact on the environment. The contractors make a profit at the expense of the citizens.

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