Q&A: Bike Thiefs

I chatted with Bike Thiefs about life on the road and Chanel for Men (You’ll get it. It’s pretty funny)

Is there a story behind the band name?

Nope. It’s just a shitty name. My friend Kyle, who used to be in the friend, came up with it. I think it’s an homage to the Toronto Maple Leafs. We haven’t seen the Italian film ::laughs:: It just kind of stuck. If someone throws enough money at us, we might change it. I don’t mind it though.

What is your favorite song to perform and why?

Oh that’s a good question. For a while, we were covering a song called “To Hell With Good Intentions” by Mclusky. Right now, it’s “Destination Wedding.” It’s good energy and it picks up the pace of a show.

What was it like filming the music video for “Destination Wedding?”

Oh man, that was fun. We filmed it in my basement, with shag carpeting and all of this old furniture. We had friends “star” in it. We made the real smart decision of feeding them a case of beer before filming.

What is life on the road for you guys?

The driving can be tough but we get to play for people and sometimes they throw money at us. It’s awesome being able to explore different parts of North America. You can learn a lot about yourself and meet a lot of great people.

Is there a city or venue that has stuck out to you?

O’Brian’s in Boston has REALLY taken care of us. We just played a gig in Oklahoma City and the staff was incredible. Jacob was the best sound person we’ve ever had. He was wearing Chanel for Men.

I didn’t even know they made Chanel for Men.

He told me his dog was named after me, so he could’ve been full of shit. But I trust him. You HAVE to trust the sound guy.

It DOES exist. I just Googled it.

::laughs:: CONFIRMED! Thank God. Jacob was almost voted off the island.

Are you guys excited about your show in College Park?

It will be our first time in the Baltimore region so that’s always exciting. The East Coast is pretty exciting. I hope it doesn’t suck and I hope people show up.

Bike Thiefs play MilkBoy ArtHouse in College Park on Wednesday, October 16th! Buy tickets

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