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Press Release: Cupid’s Undie Run Coming Back To Baltimore


On and around Valentine’s Day – an estimated 30,000 runners in 38 cities across the country (including Baltimore) as well as participants in Australia will be braving the cold…in just their undies.


Cupid’s Undie Run, the nation’s largest underwear run, will be held on Valentine’s Day with a goal of raising $3 million for Neurofibromatosis (NF) research and the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF).


At first glance, spectators, friends, and family question the sanity of these wacky men and women.  But for them, putting the hilarity in charity is a way to support people suffering from a rare genetic disorder.

Meg Rowe was diagnosed with NF, which causes tumors to grow on and in the body, when she was just eight-years-old. Her battle with NF has not been an easy one, and when she was younger had a large tumor removed from the base of her spine, which would have left her paralyzed if it was not removed. Today, she has hundreds of tiny neurofibromas on her face and torso in addition to countless internal tumors.

Despite this reality, Meg focuses on living. She loves her friends and family, traveling and checking items off her “Bucket List,” including skydiving.  Until April of 2012, Meg lived a relatively normal life. That month, she learned that one of her internal tumors transformed into a rare and aggressive sarcoma that only affects about four percent of those with NF. There is no cure for this cancer. She endured three major surgeries, seven weeks of radiation, an emergency abdomen surgery, and months of chemo. She enjoyed eight months of remission before the cancer returned and metastasized to her lungs and pelvis. Meg is hopeful that a new chemo drug will keep the disease from spreading any further until a better treatment comes along. And despite all of this, Meg chooses to live. She does not know how much longer she will be alive, but chooses to take advantage of every day. It only takes a moment in Meg’s presence to see that she is a truly incredible woman.

Inspired by tremendously strong individuals like Meg, Cupid’s Undie Run returns to Baltimore on February 14. The event is a fun celebration with a “brief” one-mile run in the middle. Baltimore’s event will take place at Power Plant Live. Rogue fundraisers celebrate and strip down before taking to the streets for a jog through the cold in their underwear. Participants spend months leading up to the event raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation and NF research.

Each of the 38 race cities has been assigned an NF Hero. Meg is Baltimore’s and serves as inspiration to fundraisers as they prepare for February.

Recently, there was a truly inspiring piece on Meg and her story. The segment can be viewed here:

To learn more about the event, visit

Golden Globe Television Predictions




It’s that time of year again! The Golden Globes are this Sunday…and here are my FEARLESS predictions!


Best TV Series – Drama

“Downton Abbey
“The Affair”
“Game Of Thrones”
“House Of Cards”
“The Good Wife”

Should Win: “House Of Cards”
Will Win: “House Of Cards”
Spoiler: “Game Of Thrones”

Analysis: With “Breaking Bad” gone, and “True Detective” in Miniseries, expect “House Of Cards” to walk away with this. The only show with any shot of beating it is “Game Of Thrones”, due to the cable factor.


Best Actress – TV Drama

Viola Davis “How To Get Away With Murder”
Claire Danes “Homeland”
Julianna Marguiles “The Good Wife”
Robin Wright “House Of Cards”
Ruth Wilson “The Affair”

Should Win: Viola Davis
Will Win: Viola Davis
Spoiler: Ruth Wilson

Analysis: Claire Danes has had her day, so has Julianna and Robin Wright. All comes down to Viola and Ruth. Both are very buzzed performances. Viola wins if they go for the “star power.” Ruth wins if they go with who ingenue. Viola Davis has a few nominations already under her belt with no wins, so I’m going with Viola.


Best Actor – TV Drama

Kevin Spacey “House Of Cards”
Clive Owen “The Knick”
James Spader “The Blacklist”
Dominic West “The Affair”
Liev Schreiber “Ray Donovan”

Should Win: Kevin Spacey
Will Win: Kevin Spacey
Spoiler: Clive Owen

McNulty in the house, everyone! Sadly, I don’t think he has a shot here. Neither does Liev. Clive Owen is a possibility as is James Spader. But with Kevin Spacey being Golden Globe-less, I think he takes it. If not, the members of the HFPA might not want to take the Metro anytime soon..


Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical

“Orange Is The New Black”
“Silicon Valley”
“Jane The Virgin”

Should Win: “Orange Is The New Black”
Will Win: “Orange Is The New Black”
Spoiler: “Jane The Virgin”

OK…how the in the HELL does “VEEP” get snubbed once again? Over the horrid “Girls” and WTF nominee “Jane The Virgin?”

:side eye:

Anyway, I don’t see anyone winning here but “Orange Is The New Black.” I listed “Jane” as the spoiler because it’s the first CW show to be nominated for ANYTHING, and they’re going to push it down the HFPA’s throats. At least “Modern Family” isn’t nominated again.


Best Actor – TV Comedy/Musical

William H. Macy “Shameless”
Ricky Gervais “Derek”
Don Cheadle “House Of Lies”
Jeffrey Tambor “Transparent”
Louie CK “Louie”

Should Win: Jeffrey Tambor
Will Win: Jeffrey Tambor
Spoiler: Ricky Gervais

Jeffrey Tambor is getting RAVE reviews for his role in the Amazon series, and I think the HFPA will want to be ahead of the curve on this one. Ricky Gervais could sneak a win, since he’s been a host in recent years. And let’s not forget his speeches are pretty epic.


Best Actress – TV Comedy/Musical

Julia Louis Dreyfus “VEEP”
Gina Rodriguez “Jane The Virgin”
Lena Dunham “Girls”
Edie Falco “Nurse Jackie”
Taylor Schilling “Orange Is The New Black”

Should Win: Julia Louis Dreyfus/Taylor Scilling
Will Win: Taylor Schilling
Spoiler: Gina Rodriguez

Holy Flacco ! A “VEEP” sighting! While she deserves it, I don’t think JLD wins here. Taylor Schilling is in a show the HFPA LIKE, and her performance is pretty buzzed. Gina Rodriguez might win because..she’s new?   ::shrugs::


Best Actor -TV Movie/Miniseries

Mark Ruffalo “The Normal Heart”
Matthew McConaughey “True Detective”
Woody Harrelson “True Detective”
Billy Bob Thornton “Fargo”
Martin Freeman “Fargo”

Should Win: Matthew McConaughey
Will Win: Matthew McConaughey
Spoiler: Billy Bob Thornton

Alright, alright, alright..


Best Actress – TV Movie/Miniseries

Frances McDormand “Olive Kitteridge”
Maggie Gyllenhaal “The Honorable Woman”
Frances O Connor “The Missing”
Jessica Lange “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
Allison Tolman “Fargo”

Should Win: Frances McDormand
Will win: Frances McDormand
Spoiler: Allison Tolman

Frances McDormand wins here. The only threat is quirky Allison Tolman.



Best Supporting Actor – TV

Matt Bomer “The Normal Heart”
Alan Cumming “The Good Wife”
Bill Murray “Olive Kitteridge”
Jon Voight “Ray Donovan”
Colin Hanks “Fargo”

Should Win: Bill Murray
Will Win: Bill Murray
Spoiler: Matt Bomer

The only way I see Bill losing, is if the HFPA is pissed at the Emmy’s for not giving Matt Bomer his rightfully deserves award. Either way, good to see Matt getting recognition, he’s an underrated actor!


Best Supporting Actress – TV

Kathy Bates “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
Uzo Aduba “Orange Is The New Black”
Michelle Monaghan “True Detective”
Joanna Froggatt “Downton Abbey”
Allison Janney “Mom”

Should Win: Uzo Aduba / Kathy Bates
Will Win: Uzo Aduba
Spoiler: Allison Janney

Uzo Aduba is one of the biggest breakout TV stars in the past two years. The HFPA will want to reward her. And let’s face it..she deserves it.

That’s it! Tweet along with me Golden Globes night this Sunday at 8pm!