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Event: Universal Visions



Event: “Universal Visions”

               National Premiere Group Show

Where:  Second Saturday Art Gallery

                519 N. Franklin St.

                 York, PA 17403

When:   A Special Reception for Media and Interior Designers will be held at 5pm.

               The show begins at 6 pm and goes until 10 pm.

Must RSVP to attend the Special Reception by no later than Thursday, June 11.


The community has received this exhibition very well and we have received local sponsors such as Adams County Winery, J.R. Heaps, Foster’s Flower Shop, York Emporium, and City Hall Café.

The show features free wine, beer, food, gift bags to the first 100 attendees (guaranteed to have at least one piece of original piece of art), and raffles of 4 paintings throughout the evening.

Four local musicians will be playing throughout the night and the event will be emceed by Poem Sugar Press’ very own Carla Christopher.

Our featured 5 artists will not only be showing off their traditional style art, but will be showcasing must see art such as a seven foot tall fire breathing metal rooster, a live painting of a six foot four canvas, 20 foot tall installation and  a segregated installation depicting the separation between the sexes in Iranian culture. There will also be 7 other artists, who were selected from over 100 submissions.

This event is shaping up to be a huge and exciting one and I am looking forward to seeing you at the event!

~Kenneth Husband, curator

Mobbie’s Challenge: What Would You Bring Back From The 90’s?


As a nominee for this years Mobbies Contest, I’ve been asked to write a blog on “What I Would Bring Back From The 90’s?” Well it’s quite obvious I’ve chosen..the TV Shows!

I’ll be honest, this is a nostalgia post for me. I was born in 1989, and grew up watching some awesome kids shows, comedies, and even some dramas I shouldn’t have. Dont tell the ‘rents, please.

Nickelodeon was a huge part of my childhood. “Doug”, “Rocko”, “Ren & Stimpy”, “Real Monsters”, “The Wild Thornberry’s” “Kenan & Kel”, “Alex Mack”..all solid memories watching those shows. But “Rugrats” was my favorite. How could you not enjoy that show? Looking back, it was pretty funny. They even features some adult jokes in there, that I wouldn’t get until years later. “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” set me up for my LOVE of horror films I think. For kids, the stories were decent, and the scares were scary. I’ve added a few of the DVD sets to my collection..ya know, to scare my future kids down the line. It builds character.

Comedies I enjoyed as a kid included “Sabrina”, “Home Improvement”, “Fresh Prince”, and of course, “Friends” and “Boy Meets World.” I would walk around the house singing Smelly Cat. Seriously, he rocked. I believe I learned the Carlton Dance as well..but that’s for another awards show. And Topanga. Yes, Topanga. She was my second crush ever.

My first crush ever was Kimberly, Aka the Pink Ranger, from Power Rangers. I had tons of merchandise from that show. The flip heads, bean bag chairs, and even a fort. When Tommy kissed Kimberly, I was pissed. I’m talking Damien from “The Omen” pissed.

A few of the dramas that shaped the 90’s were “ER”, “The X-Files” and pretty much anything on “The WB.” My dad used to watch “The X-Files” with me persistently, and I loved it. I also loved not being able to sleep after watching it. That was fun. Still one of my favorite shows of all time. The WB opened a door to even more science fiction greatness, with “Buffy”, “Angel”, and “Charmed.” Buffy and The Halliwell Sisters were major butt kicking hotties. Looking back on them, they were actually very well written shows.

In closing, I would bring back the funny, the dramatic, well written, and actually well acted TV shows from the 90’s. MOST of the shows today..don’t hold a candle to them.

The Case Of Roland Doe


Anyone who has seen “The Exorcist” was probably terrified. But is real? Residents suburban D.C. claim it really happened to a boy in Mt. Rainier, Maryland in 1949. The claims first appeared in The Washington Post on August 10, 1949, in article titled ” “Pastor Tells Eerie Tale of ‘Haunted’ Boy.”

Legend has it, that Roland Doe’s Aunt Harriet introduced him to the Ouija Board before she passed. They would “play” on it. Big no no. After Harriet’s death, strange things started to occur in the house. Things would levitate near the boy. They also heard dripping and scratching sounds. During one of the scratching fits, the boys mom asked the spirit “If you’re Harriet, knock three times!” And wouldn’t you know it..they heard three knocking sounds.

Things got worse rapidly. Objects would fly across the room, such as fruit, or bottles of holy water and not break. Huh? Markings started to appear on the boys chest and body. The family turned to a Lutheran pastor, who was also a parapsychologist. He wanted Roland to spend a night with him at his home to study him. That night, the pastor witnessed furniture moving on its own, as well as the boy levitating. The pastor then suggested his parents contact a Catholic priest.

The boy was exorcised several times at Georgetown University Hospital by Edward Hughes. During the exorcism, the boy allegedly broke off a bed spring, and sliced Hughes’ arm. The ritual was halted. The family traveled to St. Louis, where one of Doe’s cousins contacted a professor of his to help. Raymond J. Bishop and his colleague witnessed the boy speaking in deep gravely voices and foreign languages, as well as having aversions to anything sacred. Flying objects and shaking furniture also persisted. They were granted permission for another exorcism.

Two more priests were called in: Walter Halloran and William Van Roo. During this exorcism, “hell” and “evil” began appearing on the boys chest. Reportedly the boy broke Halloran’s nose during this exorcism. The demon revealed itself as “one of the fallen angels.” Shortly after 11pm, Roland interrupted the ritual in a new deep voice:

“Satan! Satan! I am St. Michael! I command you, Satan, and the other evil spirits to leave this body, in the name of Dominus, immediately! Now! Now! Now!”

Roland had one more spasm..and he proclaimed the demon was  gone.

So was Roland really possessed? Maybe. Some experts and close friends say he was not. He was a spoiled brat, essentially who couldn’t get his way, so he started to act out. But some people believe he WAS possessed.

::raises hands::

It should also be noted, that he was NOT from Mount Rainier. He was actually from Cottage City, Maryland. This was done to protect his and his family’s identity. However, over the years, his name and picture have been released. Regardless of if he was possessed or not, I will not be disclosing those details in this article.

Part 2: The Legacy Of Roland Doe


Fall 2014: Live, DVR, or Skip?



Here’s a breakdown of what you should be watching LIVE, what you should DVR for a binge marathon, and flat out SKIP this Fall!



Live: “Gotham” (FOX)

DVR: “The Voice” (NBC), “Sleepy Hollow” (FOX) , “Scorpion” (CBS)

Skip: “Jane The Virgin” (CW), “State Of Affairs” (NBC)



Live: “The Flash” (CW), “About A Boy” (NBC)

DVR: “Marvel’s Agent Of Shield” (ABC), “Marry Me” (NBC), “NCIS” (CBS)

Skip: “Manhattan Love Story” (ABC), “Forever” (ABC), “Utopia” (FOX)



Live: “American Horror Story: Freak Show” (FX), “Red Band Society” (FOX), “The Goldbergs” (ABC)

DVR: “Stalker” (CBS), “Arrow” (CW), “Modern Family” & “black-ish” (ABC), “Criminal Minds” (CBS), “The Exes” (TV LAND)

Skip: “The Mysteries Of Laura” (NBC)



Live: “Scandal” (ABC), “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS), “Parenthood” (NBC)

DVR: “How To Get Away With Murder” (ABC), “Gracepoint” (FOX), “Bad Judge” (NBC)

Skip: “Reign” (CW)



Live: (nothing)

DVR: “Last Man Standing” and “Cristela” (ABC)


Live: “The Walking Dead” (AMC)

DVR: “Family Guy” (FOX), “Mulaney” (FOX), “Homeland” (Showtime), “The Newsroom” (HBO), “The Good Wife” (CBS), “Resurrection” (ABC)

Skip: “Madam Secretary” (CBS), “Revenge” (ABC)