Golden Globe Drinking Game

You’ve seen my here is my official drinking game for this Sundays Golden Globes!


* Take a sip “Sky Full Of Stars” or “Bang Bang” are used in a montage.

* Take three sips if Benedict Cumberbatch is mentioned twice (GUARANTEED since he’s nominated twice)

* Take two sips for yourself, and then two sips for this blogger when Julia Louis Dreyfus loses to Gina Rodriguez.

* One sipt if Kevin Spacey wins for “House Of Cards” AND talks in Frank Underwood dialect

* Two sips if Meryl Streep wins over Patricia Arquette. Dammit.

* Two sips if you, or someone you’re with utters ‘Who the hell is Eddie Redmayne?’

* One sip when Uzo Aduba wins and cries. I love you Crazy Eyes, but no need to cry. It’s only a Golden Globe.

* Morbid, but take two sips if you gasp when someone you didn’t know died, is in the In Memoriam segment.

* Three sips if somehow “The Affair” wins anything.

* One sip if someone on your Twitter or Facebook posts about McNulty being nominated.

* Two sips if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make you laugh and snort. Note: I’ll be drunk pretty fast with this one ^^ Not really.

* One sip each time someone is played off with the “Get the hell off stage” music”

* If someone says “I’m just happy to be nominated” take three sips. Bull shit. You showed up to win!

* Two sips if McConaughey says “Alright alright alright.” We get it. You’re alright.

* One sip EACH TIME the word ‘agent’ is used.

* One sip each time you see Fey or Poehler drinking.

* CHUG the rest of your drink at 11pm, when you realize you have to go to work the next morning, while all the celebrities are going out to turn up.