Q&A: Comedian Joe Matarese


I talked with comedian Joe Matarese about his podcast, and his favorite part of doing stand up.


Q: Where were you born?

Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Q: When did you know comedy was going to be a huge part of your life?

I was really into comedy as a kid. A comedy nerd, so to speak. I listened to, and recorded a lot of comedy on TV. I would memorize jokes and share them with family and friends. I used it as a child to connect with my dad. There were two things we connected on..comedy and sports.


Q: What makes YOU laugh?

Kids make me laugh. There’s an honesty in them. Kids only know how to be honest…they don’t know how to fake it. Older sitcoms make me laugh as well..the new batch are too sensitized.


Q: What is the Fixing Joe Podcast?

I talk about a problem, or a couple, and I’ll bring guests on and try to solve them. Throughout the interview, I’ll put out some of their struggles, and help them if needed. Now, I talk more to the listeners, and have less guests. A lot of listeners contact me via email, Facebook, etc, and give me advice as well. I would define it as a comedic self help podcast.


Q: What are some pros and cons of being on the road?

One of the pros is that’s how I make a living, and support my money. Cons..there’s a million of ’em. I HATE traveling. OF COURSE I picked a job where I travel a lot. I HATE flying, and HATE going to the airport. I also hate being away from my wife and kids for extended amounts of time. One day is fine, but after that separation anxiety sets in.


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