Quick Five Q&A: Bonnie Aarons (“The Nun”)

I chatted with Bonnie Aarons about her iconic role as Valak in “The Nun”

Q: How long did it take it take for you each day to transform into Valak/The Nun?

Everyday my face was hand painted by the make up artist who painted until she felt like she was done… then I conjured up the evilness and just let it all out!

Q: James Wan tweeted a ‘Thank You’ to you on your birthday. What was it like having the number one film on your birthday weekend?

It was the best present anybody could ever dream of! And I love James Wan!

Q: As a horror fan myself, my personal opinion is that you’ve created such an iconic role in Valak. Did you ever think the role would bring you to horror icon status?

No, but I couldn’t be more proud or excited to have landed this role and made so many people feel terrified.

Q: Do you believe in the paranormal, such as ghosts, demons, etc?

Yes…. wouldn’t I have to believe?

Q: Are you excited about your appearance at Monster Mania next week in Maryland?

I cannot wait to come spend quality time with the best fans out there. HORROR FANS!

Bonnie will be appearing at Monster Mania in Hunt Valley September 28th – 30th!

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