Movie Review: “Roulette”


Starring: Mike Baldwin, Will Haza, Ali Lukowski

This indie thriller follows Dean (Baldwin), Richard (Haza), and Sunny (Lukowski) as they play a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. All three met while attending a group therapy session. Each character is in a very clear depressed state. What follows is a masterful time jump from present, to each characters past. The roulette scenes are pretty tense. The entire final act of the left me speechless at times. You have twists, turns, and a pretty shocking final scene. A..certain part of the finale is probably not for everyone. It’s pretty graphic. But that adds to the tension and shock

The acting is decent here, with Mike Baldwin absolutely owning his scenes. Will Haza has some “off” moments and lines, but overall he does a good job. Ali Lukowski has the more emotional storyline, and handles it very well. Supporting player, Jan David Soutar, is outstanding as Sunny’s lover, Leon. This film is a testament that we have a great local acting base here in Maryland.

Director Erik Kristopher Myers does a great job keeping the tone and lighting of the roulette scenes dark. It’s pretty creepy, actually. Probably one of my favorite parts of the film. I expect big things from Mr. Myers in the future.

*** out of *****