Friz On Film: Oscar 2015 Predictions


It’s that time of year again. Who will take home the gold? And who may spoil the party? Check out my 2015 Oscar predictions below

Best Picture

“American Sniper”
“The Grand Budapest Hotel”
The Imitation Game”
“The Theory Of Everything”

Should Win: “Boyhood”/”Birdman”
Will win: “Boyhood”/”Birdman”
Spoiler: “American Sniper”

For once, there is suspense in this category. “Boyhood” won a lot of precursors, and so has “Birdman.” I think “Birdman” takes this. It is a movie about Hollywood..and they love giving this award to films about themselves. Think “The Artist” and “Argo” in recent years. I wouldn’t count out “Boyhood” either though. So essentially, something with a ‘B’ will win Best Picture.

Same argument above goes for Best Director.

Best Actor In A Leading Role

Steve Carell, “Foxcatcher”
Bradley Cooper, “American Sniper”
Benedict Cumberbatch, “The Imitation Game”
Michael Keaton, “Birdman”
Eddie Redmayne, “The Theory Of Everything”

Should Win: Eddie Redmayne/Michael Keaton
Will Win: Eddie Redmayne/Michael Keaton
Spoiler: Bradley Cooper

Both actors have won precursors, but Redmayne shocked and won the all important SAG. Will the Academy give a “lifetime achievement” to Keaton? ::shrugs::

Best Actress In A Leading Role

Marion Cotillard, “Two Days One Night”
Felicity Jones, “The Theory Of Everything”
Julianne Moore, “Still Alice”
Rosamund Pike, “Gone Girl”
Reese Witherspoon, “Wild”

Will Win: Julianne Moore
Should Win: Julianne Moore
Spoiler: Reese Witherspoon

Dear Marion, Rosamund, Felicity, and Reese..have fun at the after party. No one’s beating Julianne Moore this year.

Best Actor In A Supporting Role

Robert DuVall, “The Judge”
Ethan Hawke, “Boyhood”
Edward Norton, “Birdman”
Mark Ruffalo, “Foxcatcher”
J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash”

Will Win: J.K. Simmons
Should Win: J.K. Simmons
Spoiler: Edward Norton

Simmons has this in the bag. Could the “Birdman” love push Norton over the top? Nah. Probably not.

Best Actress In A Supporting Role

Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood”
Laura Dern, “Wild”
Keira Knightley, “The Imitation Game”
Emma Stone, “Birdman”
Meryl Streep, “Into The Woods”

Will Win: Patricia Arquette
Should Win: Patricia Arquette
Spoiler: Emma Stone

Arquette should just wait on stage at this point. Could “Birdman” love sweep Emma Stone into the winners circle? Or out of the blue nominee Laura Dern pull a Marcia Gay Harden and win with no precursor support? If that were to happen, it would be one of the biggest upsets in Oscar history. I’m still saying Patricia Arquette wins.