Interview: Priestly and Jo


I sat down with Priestly and Jo from MIX 106.5. We talked about the MIX 106.5 Radiothon for the Johns Hopkins Children.


Q: How did you end up at 106.5?

Priestly: I made a wrong turn on York Road..and ended up here at CBS Radio a few years ago. Still lost.

Jo: I have a tendency of following him around soooo…


Q: Priestly – What is your favorite part of working with Jo?

(Jo laughs)  All of it. The crazy. The love. Everyday is fun. She fits into the MIX family well. We’re just an unrivaled brand of controlled chaos. To take a bite out of the 90’s, which I’m a product of, we’re like “Seinfeld.” A show about nothing.

Jo: We’re not really a show..

Priestly: It’s like five hours of therapy!


Q: Jo – What is your favorite part of working with Priestly?

Priestly: NONE OF IT.

Jo : (laughing) He’s technically savvy. He knows what he’s doing on the board.  He keeps me grounded because I can go anywhere at anytime. He’s like the bumpers at the bowling alley.

Priestly: I’ve literally had to pull her. “Come come here.” I love it! And that’s what makes a fun show. We know what we’re doing..kind of.

Jo: (laughing): We’re technically professionals. We’re..somewhat educated.

Priestly: It’s a like a weird unspoken magic sauce. We’re..lucky. Lightning strikes twice in this case.  I’ve been blessed.

Jo: I can say the same. I’ve had other radio partners, but Priestly is like my other brother.


Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

Priestly: The best part of it is coming in, catching up and talking about life. The good, the bad. The broke.

Jo: I’ve already forgotten the question.

Prieslty: See! Jo come back to the party..

Jo: What he said. There’s so much stuff that doesn’t make it to air because we’re not a talk show.


Q: Who is your favorite celebrity you’ve interviewed?

Priestly: Nick Frisone!

Me: Not yet! Haha!

Priestly: Oh, I think so!

Jo: Mine is always the last I’ve interviewed. So right now, my favorite is Andy Grammer. A week ago, it was Bea Miller. If they’re willing to talk to me and share something, they’re my favorite.

Priestly: You LIE! It was Jon Basedow!

Jo: OK FINE! (laughs)

Priestly: I don’t know about favorite, and it wasn’t my best, but one that stands out would have to be Elisha Cuthbert. I must have mispronounced her name like three times, knowing exactly how to say her name. I had the shakes! If you don’t get butterflies, game over.


Q: How awesome is it having Maria Dennis back on air?

Jo: A thousand, hundred, billion ALL THE AWESOMES!

Priestly: Breathtaking. She’s like my sister. I was in studio for her very first show. I was a promotion assistant. When you say ‘what does it feel like’..we go back fifteen years. I was at her words. Just tears. We’re blessed. She’s back in her midday throne. So excited to have  her back there.


Q: Jo – You guys had the chance to visit the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center a few weeks back. What was it like as a first time visitor?

It was interesting for me because I have spent time in doctors offices and hospital. There were some things that reminded me of my time and I got really emotional. I also noticed that they have so many things, so many programs going on that interacts with the kids, and make them feel special. I wish that they had that in the times that I had spent in the hospital.

Priestly (in an elderly mans voice) “Back in the olden days..”

Jo: (laughing) Exactly! Seeing something like that on a local level was really touching. I really wanna bust it, and help these kids out.

Priestly: It’s an incredible place. A diamond in our back yard. We are BLESSED to have them in our City.

Q: Is it emotional for you to do the Radiothon every year?

Priestly – It’s a the most positive way. I’ve been doing this in some capacity for twelve or thirteen years. It’s an honor. I go back to JoJo and Kenny. I go back to the Zoo lobby, which is where it all started. I’ve met some of the most amazing kids over the course of the time. I go back to Bryce Riley, one of the first ambassadors for Hopkins. He’s since passed, and that kills me. I’ve met so many great kids who’ve survived, and some who haven’t. It’s been interesting because originally, I wasn’t a parent. Now I am, and it’s a whole new level of crazy. They put me in scrubs, and walk me through NICU, PICU, or isolation places. It’s amazing to see what these people can do. We talk into a microphone, we make people grin and smile and forget 30 seconds of their crap day..

Jo..or they yell at us.

Priestly: Haha! What they do at Hopkins is saving lives. They’re enhancing lives physically. They’re doing miracles. We can be a part of this, and help them continue on. That’s where we can make a difference.

Q: What does Hopkins spend the money raised on?

Priestly: A majority of OUR funds are for fun things. Books, games, XBOX’s, Wii’s..those kind of things. We’re also buying these super thin needles, that you could barely feel. We’re taking a difficult time and trying to make it as better as possible.


Q: Why should people donate to the Radiothon for the Johns Hopkins Children Center?

Jo: It’s for the kids!! Come on! For the kids!

Priestly: Because it’s the right thing to do! (laughs) It’s really for the reason we’ve already talked about. It’s for the miracles. The smiles. It’s  the betterment of society, and you’ll never know when you’ll be in the position of needing them. And they are right..there. We ARE Baltimore. People come from ALL OVER the world to be seen at Hopkins. It’s incredible to see the quality of doctors, nurses, and staff that work in that place.

We have two goals: We’re here to INSPIRE, and we’re here to MOTIVATE.  When you hear the stories, and meet the families, and when you hear the WINS. Honestly, there are so many MORE wins than losses. Their ERA is INSANE. And coming from a guy that knows crap about sports, I know that’s a good thing. They are incredible.

To donate to MIX 106.5’s Radiothon for The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, click HERE