Q&A: Dan Clark


I chatted with Australia’s biggest Orioles fans, Dan Clark!


Q: What was it like stepping into Camden Yards for the first time?
Amazing. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t 100%. The home opener had a huge crowd.  I had high expectations.  Electric.  It was a dream come true.


Q: What was Opening Day like for you?
We started early. We caught up with BMORE AROUND TOWN at Nobles Pub. From there, people just kept buying us beers.I was absolutely exhausted after the game.


Q: How much Orioles merchandise did you buy?
One thing we weren’t expecting, was the cold weather. We had to buy some long sleeve shirts and hoodies to keep warm. My wife Amie bought a blanket too.  We received some balls from Adam Jones as well. SO much stuff. We somehow managed to stuff our luggage. We’ll probably have to buy more luggage before we get home. ::laughs::


Q: What was it like meeting Adam Jones, and being on the field?

Just amazing. It took about 20 minutes to realize Adam had tweeted me. I was going bananas! Luckily I had scrolled through my notifications and seen it. We got there, walked out to the field, He came out had a chat with us. We watched him warm up during batting practice. He said “really appreciate you coming all this way.” We even watched golf with him in the clubhouse. Chris Davis came out and talked to us for a while. I said “Hey I’m Dan Clark from Australia!” So he says “Hi I’m Chris davis..from Texas..” As we’re leaving to go to our sears, Chris Davis yells  “see you Daniel from Australia!” So of course I yell back “See you Chris from Texas!” ::laughs::

Q: How did it feel being here for an Orioles win?
After the opening game, we hoped they didn’t go 0-2 while we were here. Last night when Schoop hit the grand slam, the crowd was electric. We really got to enjoy the last few innings. It was magical.


Q: How did you like our seafood?
Fantastic. We went to Jimmy’ Seafood when we get here with BMORE ARUND TOWN. We had a huge seafood platter, and a pot of crabs. They were the biggest crabs I’ve ever seen. We have them in Australia, but nothing this size. They taught us how to pick the crabs. There were tons of crab meat. Absolutely delicious.


Q: Did you get a chance to visit any other attractions here?
Unfortunately no.  Bryan drove us around to see the Baltimore area. We were busy with pre-game parties and such. Next time we’re gonna hopefully do the tourist thing and walk around!


Q: How did it feel being a celebrity here the past few days?
::laughs:: It was very humbling. I’m just a fan of the Orioles from another part of the world. People kept coming to me and asking “Hey! Can we get a picture with you.” Surreal.  People here were so generous.


Q: Favorite part of your trip in Baltimore?
Yesterday. The opportunity to go out on the field, meet the players. Having the chat with Adam. I even got to hold his famous WWE belt. I’m so thankful for the whole experience.


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