Q&A: Justin Schlegel


I caught up with 98 Rock Morning Show host and comedian Justin Schlegel!


Q: What is your favorite part of the morning show?

Oh god. It has to be Josh’ news segments. He’s always giving us something new and exciting to talk about. We work with the single greatest news guy in radio.


Q: Do you have a favorite guest?

It has to be Gilbert Gottfried. We all get excited when he comes in. He has this infectious cackle of a laugh. He tells so many screwed up stories, which make us start laughing. It becomes chaos in the studio when he’s there.

Q: Favorite event you’ve done with 98 Rock?

We did a Justin, Scott, & Spiegel Show UNCENSORED at the Comedy Factory this past February. It wasn’t broadcast, and was super raunchy. No recording was allowed. No replays. It was a show with our fans. We raised  a bunch of money for charity as well.


Personally, I enjoy your Cougar Hunt competition..

Oh, those are ALWAYS fun. I hope we do one this year. I love the submissions. Especially the nightmarish, Stephen King ones!

Q: What makes YOU laugh?

The guys I work with. Watching Scott and Mike argue makes me sit back and laugh hysterically. I love it, and I don’t know why. It’s like they’re an old couple who have been together for a half a century. They love AND hate each other. “Monty Python” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I’m also an avid Adult Swim guy.

Q: What is the oddest/experience you’ve had doing stand up?

I was booked once for a nudist resort in West Virginia. I didn’t read the contract entirely. So I get there, and learn I have to perform stand up nude. As a comedian, I like to have a note card or something with me on stage so I know to stay on topic.

I had to put my note in my ass crack. Yes..I walk out on stage naked with the note in my ass crack. The laughter was deafening. I just kept saying to myself “Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner.” The boner never came.

Buy tickets for Justin’s show at the Baltimore Comedy Factory on June 11th HERE