Q&A: Shi Scott

Photo Credit: Randi Scott
Photo Credit: Randi Scott


I talked to Shi Scott about “American Idol” and her plans after the show.


Q: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Pretty much my entire life. It was never really a question. ::laughs:: I had problems articulating myself  when I was younger. I felt like I had what it took in my head. Singing became my medium to get through to people. The first time I sang in front of people was in elementary school, during a school program.

Q: Do you have any musical influences?

Queen, Prince, Billy Joel are some big ones. People say that I sound like Amy Winehouse, but I never heard of until “Rehab” was released.

Q: What was your experience like on “American Idol?”

It was intense. For anything that it’s incredibly fantastic, it was draining and hard. It gives you a high dosage of the business really quickly.

Q: Who is your favorite judge and why?

Harry Connick Jr. I think he’s hardest on everyone, but that’s because he’s a musical prodigy. He’s hearing little nuances that others might not. I don’t always agree with him. I can’t side with him on the incident with Quentin. Quentin is one of my favorite people on this planet. People have to realize that this process is wayyyyyy more difficult than it looks. A lot of us are young, and are being exposed to the industry for the first time. All in all, I was proud of my journey on “Idol.” They gave me a big platform, and toughened me up.

Q: Who are The Sushi’s?

::laughs:: My fan base! I felt weird calling them my fan base, so I wanted some sort of nickname for them. Originally, it was the FanShi’s, but then someone suggested the Sushi’s. It’s so awesome and simple.

Q: What are your plans after “Idol?”

Right now I’m working on finishing some original songs. I hope to put them out after September. I’ve been putting out videos regarding topics in my life, or in the world, that I think resonate with my fans.

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