BMB’s Emmy Drinking Game!


It’s that time of year again! The Emmys will be broadcast LIVE Sunday at 8pm on FOX. But let’s be real. Most of us watch to see our favorite shows lose to “Mad Men” or “Modern Family.” Or to see if the host bombs.

So sit back with your favorite adult beverage, and play this fun, smart ass, drinking game!

  • Take a drink when Andy Samberg walk on stage. Just.. because it’s Andy Samberg. Hosting an awards show.
  • Take a long drink during the “In Memory” segment. Or as most people call it, “the dead people” segment.
  • Take a quick drink, and give a HELL YEAH if Julia Louis Dreyfus wins her fourth straight for Best Comedy Actress.
  • Drink if “VEEP” wins Best Comedy Series. Because it’s hilarious, and because it was once a Maryland production. (dammit)
  • TakeĀ  a shot if Kevin Spacey talks to the camera like Frank Underwood (I do this all the time at work btw)
  • Clink glasses with your mate and yell “OMAR COMIN!” when they announce Michael K. Williams name.
  • Take a shot if (but basically when) Jon Hamm prevails for Best Drama Actor.
  • Take a shot when “Mad Men” wins Best Drama, because A. The Emmy’s are predictable and B. “Empire” was robbed.
  • Take a drink and eat a cookie if there’s a Taraji P. Henson/”Cookie” joke.
  • Take a drink if Julie Bowen, Mo’Nique, or William H. Macy (hint: ALL Maryland natives) wins an Emmy.
  • Take a drink if “Inside Amy Schumer” wins anything. Go Tigers!
  • Take a drink while the credits roll..because you have to get up at 5am Monday. Shit!