Comedy Spotlight + Q&A: Robert Andrew


I chatted with local comedian Robert Andrew about life as a comedian, and strip clubs. (Yes. Strip clubs.)



Q: Were you a funny kid?

Up until High School, I didn’t have many friends, so I tried being funny to make them. I guess you could say I came out in a few different ways after Middle School.

Q: What inspires your comedy?

A lot of it comes from differences in me being gay. I complain about work, everyday things…things my boyfriend says. My feelers are always on looking for the funny.


Q: When did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

As I said before, it was right after middle school. “South Park” was just coming out at that time, so my little group of friends were like our own versions of the show. The first time I remember someone laughing was in elementary school. Our Grandmother would take us to school, dressed in 70’s little cotton short shorts. We stuck out like a sore thumb. One day in class, I had to fart during silent reading. The girl next to me asked me “Why are your shorts so shirt?” and slapped my thigh. The fart slipped out. The whole class stopped and stared at me. I started laughing hysterically.

Q: You’ve met many celebrities..who is your favorite?
Margaret Cho and Jim Short. They basically changed my life. Oh and Gwen Stefani, I got to get on stage with her. I made a sign that said “I want a hug” like I was a Bieber fan or something.


Q: What was it like being interviewed by Margaret Cho?

Weird. Completely star struck. Once I started going with it, I loosened up. Before we started, we went out to lunch. Then we just started walking through DC. I kept saying to myself “This is so insane, I’m walking with Margaret Cho through DC!”


Q: What was it like doing stand up in a strip club?

I thought it was going to be  a nightmare. It was one of the best sets I’ve ever had! I felt dirty after..I had to wash off. I didn’t see any titties either..I wanted to see titties.


Q: did you NOT see titties?

We were in a side room where they have the Male Review. When I was on stage, I sniffed the pole. I thought it was the closest I’ve ever gotten to pussy. Then they told me I was actually sniffing balls. Story of my life.


Q: What is Tasteless Buds?

It’s something that RJ Jackson, Samantha Kelly, and I started. We do all kinds of video shorts. RJ has a background in film. We’re starting to enjoy it more than stand up.


Q: How did your short film “Dundalk” come about?
“Dundalk”was my idea.We didn’t have props or costumes. It’s about a perfume called “Dundalk.” We went out and shot one day whatever came to mind.

“Dundalk” Video


Q: What has been the reaction to “Dundalk?”

It’s been surprisingly positive. I thought we would get tons of shitty messages, which we’ve gotten. Mostly from older people that don’t get a joke. Someone said they haven’t seen something that good since “Pink Flamingos.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about comedy?

The feeling of making people laugh. I can’t explain it. People go through shit, and to change someone’s day is powerful. A woman emailed me once. She had stage 4 cancer. She said for five minutes, my comedy made her forget about everything bad going on for a little. She ended up losing that battle unfortunately. That broke my heart. Comedy can be powerful.


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