Q&A: Dale Midkiff

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I chatted with Salisbury native, Dale Midkiff, about “Pet Sematary” and his appearance at this weekends Monster Mania convention!

Q: What are your fondest memories of growing up in Maryland?

I grew up in Salisbury.  I used to spend my summers on my grandfathers oyster boat, which had been a part of our family for a few generations. Had tons of fun!
Q: Why did you want to become an actor?

I started getting asked to speak at assemblies in 7th grade, so I kind of fell into it. When I entered High School, I played Jack in “Jack And The Beanstalk.” I was usually one of the shy kids, but I suddenly became comfortable.


Q: What was your first role ?

“Dallas: The Early Years.” I lived in New York at first, then flew to L.A. I lived there for a year without getting anything. So I audition for this role, and figured I had ZERO shot. I was getting ready to fly back and move to New York when I got the call that I got the part.


Q: Looking back, what was it like working on a film based off a Stephen King novel?

Stephen was on set a lot. He lived thirty minutes away from where we shot in Maine. He was fascinating. I LOVED working with Fred Gwynne. We became good buddies. It was a tough shoot, due to some of the content..a child dying and all. Coming back from shooting the scene where I scream in the road, my trailer caught on fire. I’d left a candle burning, and the curtains caught on fire. The trailer guys were NOT happy with me! ::laughs::


Q: Do you have a favorite scene?

It was a perfect Maine day..brilliantly blue. So beautiful. We were filming the scene right before the horrific accident happens. To be honest, any scene with Fred was great. We would talk and screw around during takes.


Q; Are you excited about the “Pet Sematary” reunion this weekend at Monster Mania?

Yes! I always LOVE seeing everyone again. Always fun to have a great laugh after all these years. I love meeting the fans as well..always a great experience!



Dale Midkiff will be a special guest this weekend at the Monster Mania Convention in Hunt Valley! More info