Q&A: Elliott Yamin


I talked with “American Idol” Season 5 finalist, Elliot Yamin, about his music and life on the road.


Q: Who are your musical influences?

Growing up, The Four Seasons, Donnie Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder were huge influences. My mom, who was a blue/jazz singer, was also a great influence.


Q: Favorite part of touring?

Getting to make an impression and connecting with other humans. I love watching people connect with my lyrics..watching them clap their hands. Expanding my fan base is also great..kissing babies and shaking hands! ::laughs:: I love experiencing the culture each city has to offer as well.
Q: Do you have a favorite memory from “American Idol?”

Oh god. There are SO many. Having my mom experience the entire journey with me was pretty special. She got to see her first born achieving his dream. Stevie Wonder week was pretty special. I got to hang out with him at his piano, and harmonize with him. That was a bucket list kind of moment!


Q: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Since I heard the doctor say ‘push!’ ::laughs:: It was a natural gift given to me by God knows who. As early as I could talk, I was humming tunes. It’s a part of my DNA.


Q: I talked to Blake Lewis as well. He said you guys are great friends. What is your favorite part of touring with him?

I love seeing a crowd react to what he does. It’s SO different from what I do. Love him getting the crowd involved while we’re up on stage.
Q: Favorite song of yours?

It has to be “Wait For You.” It was my first single, and the song that opened doors for me. It’s the one song I’ve sang most from my catalog. I’m forever grateful for that song.


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