Q&A: The Hunts

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I spoke with John Hunt about his family’s band, and what life is like on the road.

Q: Where did you guys grow up?

We grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia, on seven acres of woods and fields. As children, living in a three bedroom house encourage many hours outside building forts and playing games.

Q. Have you always loved music?

My parents were music lovers and would often play and sing us to sleep. As we grew older, we were thrown into Mama Hunt’s violin classes, and built a solid foundation for branching off to other instruments. From there, we discovered a love for writing and composing. I believe it’s safe to say we’ve always loved music, and it’s a love that continues to grow and develop.

Q. Do you have any artists you look up to?

When it comes to artists, we enjoy and respect, the list goes on! Each individual sibling has specific tastes and preferences that slightly vary from the next. This seems to give us a broader range and more intricacies concerning the writings and influences behind our own sound.

Q. What is your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform often varies. Recently, it was “Douse The Flame”, a slower beautiful song that is reminiscent of the effects I’ve experienced from years gone by. However, this month it has been “Valentina.” The song is written about an orphan we met in Haiti. It holds so much meaning. Seeing the joy and courage of this girl has effected us significantly and recalling the experiences by playing it is a pleasure.

Q. Can it get tense when you guys are writing songs?

One of the most common questions we get asked as a band of brothers and sisters, is “Do you guys fight?” We surprisingly get along extremely well. We are each others best friends. Being a group of opinionated musicians, writing together always has its ups and downs. But we have a system that stresses voting, rules, and respect for each other.

Q. You guys are touring the country in an RV. Can being on the road be tough some times?

We grew up touring. It’s something that can definitely get tiresome, coming at you sometimes months a time. We’re all a part of this group because we love what we do. Playing our music across the country is well worth any nostalgia.

Q. What is your favorite part of performing live?

A huge encouragement for us has been performing in front of energetic crowds that know our lyrics. My favorite aspect of playing live, is experiencing the emotions captured in each song with my family.

Q. What inspires your songs?

“Those Younger Days” is mostly inspired by our childhood. The sounds and many of the lyrics on this album were written to capture the emotion behind our memories and adventures as children. As our futures unfold, and we experience the lives set before us, it is now our very nature to channel our stories and emotions into music. I look forward to seeing where it will take us.


The Hunts will be performing at the PAE Showcase in Baltimore on 9/28 AND at University of Maryland Baltimore on 10/3!

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