Race For The Cure Info


The 23rd Annual Race For The Cure 2015 is just days away!

As a proud member of the Survivors Tent Committee , I wanted to just give you guys a quick run down of the Race For The Cure schedule. This year, a few things are different. However, roads will still start to close at 6am!

At 7am, the Survivor, Donation, and Registration tents open. At 8am, the race will begin, followed by the walk.

At 9am, the Awards Ceremony begins, followed by the Parade of Pink (a.k.a Survivor Recognition Walk) at 9:40am.  This year, a Survivor Dance Party will close out the celebration at 10am.

Food Trucks are a new feature this year. Here’s a list:

La Cakerie


Koopers Tavern


Madame BBQ


UpSlideDown Dave

10% of proceeds will go directly to Susan G. Komen Maryland!

On the social media front, you can follow Komen MD HERE. Use their hash tag #OneStepCloser all morning!

ABC 2 will be LIVE on air from 7:30am – 10:30am, as well as 101.9 WLIF. Their hash tag is #1019Cure.

I’ll be tweeting starting at 5am Sunday morning as well.

And finally, the theme song for the Survivor’s Tent is “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

I suggested it to the rest of the Survivor’s Tent Committee, and they loved it immediately. The song embodies what we’re doing out there in Hunt Valley on Sunday.