BMB’s Golden Globes 2016 Drinking Game


It’s that time of year again..awards season!

Let’s be honest..we all drink when watching Hollywood stars drool over each other, and get a statue that will just be put in their bathroom. Here’s a fun drinking game to play along with!


Drink when Ricky Gervais comes out. Just because.

Drink at any point of the evening if Ricky has a drink in HIS hand.

Drink at every joke of his that makes you laugh. You’ll be drunk FAST.

Take a shot if there’s a Bill Cosby joke..we all know it’s coming.

Take a shot if someone pronounces Saoirse Ronan wrong.

Take a shot when “Love Me Like You Do” is announced as a nominee for Best Original Song. Ellie Goulding would want you to.

Drink if Amy Schumer wins for Best Comedy Actress. Just because it’s Amy fuckin’ Schumer!

Drink if Julia Louis Dreyfus FINALLY wins a Globe for “VEEP.” FFS.

Drink if Jamie Lee Curtis snatches the Globe in Julia’s category. I’ll be happy if either happens, honestly.

Drink WHEN Tom McCarthy (Templeton from “The Wire”) is on stage at some point when “Spotlight” wins.

Drink when Stringer Bell..I mean Idris Elba wins for “Luther.”

Make that TWO sips when Idris wins.  ^^^

Drink A LOT if Lady Gaga wins for “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

And finally, drink at the end of the show…because you have to go to work on Monday. Adulting = Meh.