Q&A: Eric and Stefan of Big Timing Comedy


I chatted with Eric & Stefan from Big Timing Comedy about..tons of stuff.

Q: Where are you guys from?

Eric: I’m from Iowa originally, but grew up in Cambridge.

Stefan: “Is this heaven?! No..it’s Iowa.” Field of Dreams baby! I’m from Parkville originally.. “The land of milk and honey, that’s what I like to call it.


Q; Why did you guys start Big Timing Comedy?

Eric: Well Stefan is a funny guy who used to be my bar keep. Just started getting him time on the microphone. After a while, we wanted to get him on a stage of our own.


Q: Where does your comedy come from?

Stefan: My mom is a character..My dad is sort of like Jim Carrey from “Dumb and Dumber.” He’s not an idiot! ::laughs:: You know when Jim Carrey walks up and says “Hey guys, big gulps huh? Welp..see you later.” It comes from a mix of both of them. I’m very carefree.


Q: Favorite part of doing stand up?

Stefan: Crowd work. Interacting with the audiences. I just like to break that wall down immediately. I feel like you can be part of wherever you are. If you can get a feel for the crowd, it’s invaluable. It’s fucking with people, and going toe to toe with them.


Q: Worst part of doing stand up?

Eric: Eating a dick..

I HATE when that happens..

Stefan: Probably when you’re working out a new joke that you think is great, and crushes in one place, but misses at the next..

Eric: It takes the wind right out of your sails.

Stefan: You feel the most vulnerable.


Q: Eric, what makes YOU laugh?

Eric: I’m very easy to make laugh honestly. Whenever Stefan goes up there, he makes me piss myself. I like jokes that you don’t have to think about..relatable.

Stefan: He’s dumb as a box of rocks..

Eric: I have two MBA’s.

Stefan: Yeah I have two balls right here for ya. BOX. OF. ROCKS.


Q: Craziest thing to ever happen to you during a show?

Stefan: I was at Chappy’s, down in Arbutus. I took it as a challenge. I opened for a guy named Bro Man From Da Fifth Flo. He was on “Martin.” I knew I was walking into an environment where I was the minority. It’s a TOUGH room. People were yelling, throwing stuff.

Eric: There was a dildo table!

Stefan: Yup, they were selling dildos! It was Mother’s Day. My mom came to the show, and my grandma almost came. They weren’t discreet about it either. They had the vendor tables setup, and had refreshments, popcorn, then dildos and people talking about what the experience is like with them. Right by the door. So, I get up on stage, and throughout the night two hecklers were just raging on. There was a woman in the back who about the size of Michael Oher. She IS The Blind Side. So finally I say “Where’s the woman that won’t shut the fuck up?!” Everyone knows and goes “OHHHH.” I wanted her up on stage. I said “DJ, HIT MY BEAT!” She was standing there, and I just started freak dancing on her. I turn around and she sticks her tongue down my throat. I’m like “HELLPPP AAHHHHHH.” She spins me around, tits flapping. My wife was there, my mom was there..my dad left, he couldn’t take it. Talk about winning the crown!


Q: Favorite part of the Maryland/DC comedy scene?

Eric: There’s a lot of great people here to network with. To be able to sit in the car with someone like Tommy Sinbazo, who’s fucking hilarious by the way, it’s comradery. You get to know them personally, and it’s great.

Stefan: To piggyback on Eric, I’ve never met so many people like myself ::laughs:: That, and the thrill of making people laugh.


Q: Who is the best politician to make fun of?

Stefan: Not SUPER political, but I have to go with the low hanging fruit. Donald Trump, he’s like a pro wrestler. He reminds me of Macho Man Randy Savage and his rants. “Cream. Of. The crop!” Random ass shit.


Q: Marry, Fuck, Kill. Adele, Meghan Trainor, Ellie Goulding.

Stefan: Marry Adele..she’s a big woman. Bet she can cook. Voice is terrific. I’d probably fuck Meghan..she’s just your girl next door. That voice..like a phone sex girl. Then I’d kill Ellie.

Eric: That’s exactly what I do. Meghan Trainor would just be that hardcore fuck..

I’d fuck all three of them..just putting that out there. however I’d marry Adele, kill Meghan Trainor, and continue to fuck Ellie Goulding


Q: Craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Eric: We had a show at a brewery a few years ago, and my girlfriend tagged along. She got very intoxicated and we ended up in the bathroom and made a pass at me. I said “nah, we can’t do this here, it’s a single shooter bathroom.” But I had an idea! We found a utility closet in the bowels of the brewery..the most disgusting room in the whole place. I somehow convinced her to fuck me there. We started doing our thing, and after a few minutes I hear voices. Pants around the ankles, her bent over..”Oh shit they’re coming to this room.” The door won’t shut, it leans against the jam. They start throwing shoulders into the door and scurry once they realize that I’m not alone.

The funniest part of that is you lasting a few minutes

Stefan: BARELY. I used to moonlight as an air guitarist under the stage name Lucifair. There was a competition in Philly, and we won a chance to open for The Roots. I rocked that stage like a hurricane!

Eric: Nothing like watching this man in leather, humping his air guitar.

Stefan: Damn right!

Then you graduated to The Blind Side

Eric: Leaps and bounds!


Q: What is Eric’s best quality?

Stefan: Ravishing good looks. I trust him implicitly.


Q: What is Stefan’s best quality?

Eric: His talent. I’m always bragging to people about him. Other comics will talk to me sincerely about how great and talented he is.


Q: Eric, would you ever want to do more comedy?

Maybe. I think what makes us great is that he’s the talent, and I’m more of the business guy. There’s a lot of comedy troops around, and the reason why they fail is because they ALL want to be comedians. My goal is to make a successful business.



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