Comedy Spotlight Q&A: Mitch Fatel


I spoke with hilarious comedian Mitch Fatel about his comedy..and threesomes.

Q: Where did you grow up?

Yonkers, New York.


Q: When did you know comedy was going to beĀ  a huge part of your life?

Around five years old. I could make my classmates laugh..THAT made me feel really special.


Q: You’re pretty open in podcasts about your love life. Is it true you met your wife in a threesome?

I did! I was performing in Dallas, Texas. My wife’s ex husband had just walked out on her, and she was depressed. Her friend was a fan of mine, and dragged her to my show. I used to do a bit where I would complain about not having a great threesome. I mean, they ARE supposed to be special. They never lived up to expectations. In my experiences, one of the chicks either cried or puked. Her friend wanted to blow my mind, so they came over to me after the show and asked. It was…VERY successful. After a girl does that, you NEVER leave her side!


Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Get married. I mean that in a good way though!


Q: Do you prefer bigger audiences or smaller audiences?

Wow..great question. No ones ever asked me that before. I would say smaller audiences. I’ve played in front of 3,000+ people, but the comedy is a lot different in those forums. The intimacy is gone. I crave smaller audiences, say up to 100 people. You’ll kill a lot more often that way.


Q: Have you ever been heckled?

Of course, have you seen my act? ::laughs:: I think every comedian has. Once you become a known comedian, people come to see YOU, and respect you more. When you’re just starting out, or an unknown, they think “oh, I can do better than they can!”


Q: What is the hardest part of touring?

Eating healthy is a bitch on the road. It’s mostly fast food, in between airport food and hotel food. You eat a lot of that shit, and soon you’ll look like Ralphie May. Luckily I’ve been able to figure out to eat healthier even when traveling.


Q: Are you excited about your show at Magooby’s?

Yeah, man! Baltimore is one of those markets that I’ve loved going to for the past fifteen years or so. It has that chill, East Coast sensibility. The fans always come out and make me feel welcome. I love those gigs the most!


Mitch is headling Magooby’s Joke House March 3 -5!

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