Q&A: Bosley


Q: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Music grabbed me early. I can remember dancing around, strumming a tennis racket and singing harmonies with my sister before I could play an instrument. I taught myself guitar at 13 and wrote a song that made my father cry. I think when I saw I could move people emotionally with my songs that I felt I had a gift.

Q: Influences?

American music is where I find my groove. I love pretty much everything that’s focused on the beat. My first love was Elvis Presley and Jailhouse Rock. I love early Jazz and Rhythm and Blues. I loved Motown as a kid, the Temptations and Smokey Robinson. Nowadays I listen to a lot of Jamaican music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Old School hip hop. I’m kind of all over the place.

Q: Favorite song that you’ve written?

They’re all hits, and I could never pick one, but a particular favorite song that I’ve written is called “Some Friends of Mine.” It’s a personal one.

Q: What is it like getting up and performing in front of YOUR city?

Incredible. Baltimore is my hometown. When I headlined ArtScape last year I was blown away by the crowd. Friends, Fans and Family were packed onto N.Charles St for as far as I could see. We put on an amazing show, and I still remember that night as one of the best nights of my career and life. I can’t wait to do it again at Light City!

Q: What was it like hearing your song in “Begin Again?”

It was a trip! There was Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffalo with my song playing in the background! That one moment totally made up for that terrible crock of a film. I took my mom to see it just so she could be proud though.

Q: If you could duet with one artist, who would it be and why?

Diana Ross. She’s the greatest female recording artist of all time.

Q: What is it like to be a part of the Baltimore music scene?

The scene in Baltimore changes every few years, and I’ve been a part of it through lots of different iterations. It’s pretty welcoming I think. We’ve got a lot of eclectic styles and sounds which makes for good diversity. Baltimore has a good dose of ‘Radicals Weirdos on the Fringe’ which is always a good and potent force in your arts community.

Q: Are you excited about opening Light City Baltimore?

Brother, I can’t wait to be on that Stage!


Bosley opens Light City Baltimore on March 28th!

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