Q&A: John Basedow


Q: Where did you grow up?

New York


Q: What inspired you to create Fitness Made Simple?

It came at a very down part in my life. I started doing a syndicated TV show in college called “Images.” Hell, I got to meet Oprah during that time! I wanted to appear in a fitness magazine, but I looked like a bowling pin on legs. Big wide middle, long skinny legs and arms, no shoulders. So I started investigating media hyped regimens. I tried everything, from ab gadgets to no carb diets, to magical supplements. I was nowhere near the results I wanted. I throw my hands up around the Christmas of 1997, and quit. I have a background in Biology, so I know there’s no one direct route to fitness. People think that carbs are EVIL, and if you don’t eat them you’ll lose weight. It’s a fallacy. There has to be a multi-dimensional approach. I call it the fitness triangle. You have to have a muscle building nutrition program, in conjunction with a solid workout program. You then look at what you put in your body and add healthy options, rather than take anything away. This might be adding an agmatine sulfate supplement to help build muscle or as simple as eating more vegetables. After eight weeks of following that plan, I had the body I always wanted. It changes your body composition..increases lean muscle mass, and you lose body fat. After that, I appeared in ALL in the fitness magazines. It was a HUGE goal to accomplish, which made me a happier person. I started receiving letters from people who were improving their bodies, but then were going after other goals. You have to keep pushing, and NEVER take your mind off the prize.


Q: What is your favorite exercise and why?

For muscle building, any bicep curl. I LOVE doing arm work as well. Squats can be a pain in the ass, literally, but they work. Cardiovascular wise, I love the elliptical. I can burn calories while checking my email or watching TV. Multi-tasking!


Q: What has been your best fan experience?

It was actually in Washington, D.C. I had a few days off so I went to the Smithsonian with my PR girl. We were swarmed by kids! Security had to come down and escort us around the museum. It was pretty funny!


Q: You’re a pretty big fan of social media. You and the Priestly and Jo show go back and forth all the time on different platforms. What is your favorite part of social media?

It’s the interaction with cool people. I’ve become friends with those guys, along with Rosanna Scotto from “Good Day NY” that way. I’ll be having the crappiest day ever, but then a tweet or a Facebook message will come in that you’ve touched someone life. It sometimes brings a tear to my eye.


Q: Why did you start Wake Up Words?

I started it to empower people. Kids specifically. No one deserves to be bullied. But you hear stories all the time about kids hurting themselves, or worse, and it’s ridiculous. I want to empower people as much as possible.


Q: What is your favorite inspiration quote?

“Believe in yourself, and you can accomplish anything.” It’s not sassy or salicious, it’s empowering.


Q: What advice would you give people wanting to lose weight the right way?

One = It has to be something you WANT to do. Decide to make a choice in your brain..everything with fitness begins in your brain.

Two = You need a great program like Fitness Made Simple. You go in baby steps. Try to do one thing better fitness wise each day. You’ll feel mentally empowered!


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