Q&A: Wordsmith


I chatted with Wordsmith about his career and Light City Baltimore

Q: What part of Baltimore did you grow up in?


I was actually born in Germany and lived around the world growing up since my Father was in the Army. I still have dual citizenship between Germany and the US but call Baltimore my home as I have been here for close to 15 years. An athletic scholarship to play Football at Morgan State University originally put me in Baltimore. I later transferred to Salisbury University to continue football and finish up my degree in TV production and Theatre Arts!


Q: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

I would say in 2009 when I opened my company NU Revolution Entertainment things got serious for me. I always loved music, but during that year I really sought to build an income for my family through my music endeavors.


Q: How do you balance life on the road and having a family?

My situation is pretty unique as I raise my two sons on my own, work a part time government job and the rest is devoted to my music. I don’t believe in making excuses as to why you can’t achieve a goal or a dream; you just adjust your life and keep moving ahead. I make time for the important things in my life!


Q: Why the name ‘Wordsmith?’

I felt like the name represents the music I create. I remember using the word Blacksmith in one of my rhymes back in the day and the word really jumped out at me once I said it. I thought about the definition of a blacksmith and how they mold iron, make/repair things, etc. and put it to music. I said the same format is used when writing a song; you mold a verse, hook, bridge and even at time change parts or make rewrite’s which can be considered repairs.


Q: How have you matured musically over the years?

I’ve matured into a professional songwriter over the years. Yes my main genre is Hip Hop, but I’m able to write R&B and Pop music as well. I write singing hooks for records of mine and get with talented indie artists to sing what I write or it’s a straight collaboration. When I got in the licensing field for TV, films and games I had to really decide if I wanted to just do underground Hip Hop or expand my horizons to get placements. Well, that was answered as my main music income comes from the licensing world. Each quarter I have several royalty checks coming in from the music I create!


Q: How did it feel performing overseas for the troops?

It was a very enlightening experience as I got close with several troops out there. Already growing up in the military lifestyle due to my pops my heart was very open in regards to performing for our soldiers. I spent time learning their stories and hanging out until 4 or 5 am in the morning with them after shows. I took full advantage of the opportunity and have friendships til this day because of the Armed Forces Tour.


Q: What is your favorite part of performing live?

Being a former athlete I would say the adrenaline rush of playing in front of a crowd is similar. I thrive on big moments so performing gives me that sense of freely expressing myself as an artist.


Q: Are you excited about performing at the inaugural Light City Baltimore?

Definitely, I live in Baltimore City and work with companies like Project Plase to help the homeless situation in the city, so taking part in an event of this nature is rewarding. I want to be considered one of the premier artists in Baltimore and the genre of music I do shouldn’t matter.


Q: What do you hope people take away from the festival?

I want people to learn that I don’t just do music because it’s my dream. I do music as a vehicle to express a message of purpose. All my music is profanity free, but you will never know it based on the topics and the way I deliver it. I write about everyday blue collar life that’s relatable to the general public so I encourage being successful in life, working through the pitfalls that arise in life, being a great parent, having a voice in this world and most of all being a productive member of society!


Q: What is your new single “Who We Are” about? 

My new single is what I call Conscious Commercial. I love to party, dance just like the next man/women, but who says you can’t have a social message mixed in with that. Who We Are talks about standing up for what you believe along with knowing who you are as a person. Part of the journey of life is figuring out your gifts in life and what you have been put on earth to accomplish, so I managed to work that into a Radio driven record that will get you moving out of your seats!


Wordsmith takes the stage this Thursday at Light City Baltimore!

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