Q&A: Diane Guerrero

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I chatted with the “Orange Is The New Black” star about her new book, “In The Country We Love.”

Q: Could you describe the day you came home, and your parents were gone?

I came home one day and they were just gone. I didn’t know what happened until a neighbor came over and told me immigration had taken them.


Q: That happened when you were fourteen years old. How did the trauma effect you psychologically?

I had a lot of anxiety growing up. Any fourteen year old would if their family was taken away  in that matter. As I got into college, I was dealing with depression and pain issues. Depression took a hold of me.


Q: Why did you wait until 2014 to share your story?

For a long time, I was embarrassed. I started hearing on the news about immigration reform, and the controversy it was causing. I felt the need to weigh in with my personal story. I have a bigger platform now, and thought people should hear the other side of the immigration issue. I wanted people to understand that they’re not alone.


Q: What has been the most difficult question you’ve learned in your life?

Not to give up. I know it’s cliche, but at times I felt like I had nothing..I couldn’t go on. I kept telling myself to hold on a little longer, and things would get better. If you love something, go for it.


Q: You recently went back to your old home in Boston. Was it hard for you?

It was weird. I didn’t think it was going to effect me that much, but it was honestly hard to look at.


Q: Are you anything like your character, Maritza, from “Orange Is The New Black?”

Photo Credit: Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix

God no. ::both laugh:: I think we’re both silly, but other than that..I hope not.


Q: Are you looking forward to sharing your story with Baltimore this Thursday?

Very excited. I love being able to to do live events, and having an opportunity to have an open conversation. We can all share ideas, clear stuff up. I learn a lot at these events as well. This will be my first time exploring Baltimore, so I’ll be sure to take in the culture while I’m there.


Diane will be having a great conversation with Baltimore Sun reporter Liz Bowie this Thursday at the Central Library!

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