Q&A: The Heirs


I sat down with The Heirs at their recent tour stop here in Columbia, Maryland. We chatted about their music and the Vans Warped Tour!

Q&A: How did the band form?

Brandon: It was a musical project between Savannah and I. We didn’t know where it would lead, honestly. We met these three dudes, who have become some of our best friends, and here we are at Warped Tour


Q: Is there a story behind the band name?

Brandon:Yeah! Alex, you’re good at telling this story!

Alex: It stems from the fact that we’re all early adults, in an industry that is run by adults. It makes us feel like we’re carrying on the legacy..we’re just a part of it as they are.


Q: Pros and Cons of touring?

Brandon: General lack of sleep..

Eian: Could be a pro OR a con!

Brennan: I was just saying this morning that I’m JUST feeling the lack of sleep.

Savannah: I’m waiting for it to hit me.

Alex: I was telling Brennan this morning that you can certainly tell the difference between getting six and seven hours of sleep. The demands on this tour changes everyday, since we go on different times. You’re talking to fans as well.

Brandon: Pros for me would be meeting fans, hanging out with friends, and visiting different cities. The biggest con is that we don’t get to enjoy the cities!


Q: Favorite song of yours and why?

Alex: Overall for right now, I think it’s our single “What You Want.” I LOVE playing “Skin.” I can just rock out on it.

Savannah: For me I would have to say “Lungs.” It’s the most vocally challenging. I get to play with it every time. Brennan just fucking SLAMS on the drums on it.


Q: Favorite part of performing live?

Alex: Some of our songs are more electronic sounding, so of course when we play them live, we can breathe life into the song with our instruments.

Eian: It’s great practice as well. We get a little bit better each time.


Q: What was it like filming your music video, “What You Want?”

Savannah: Taking all the visions and little dreams of videos in my head, and put it to life. There’s a disco ball, an underwater shot..

Brandon: We’ve had so many kids come up to us on this tour and say they’ve heard the song in Urban Outfitters or places like that. It’s cool to hear that the song is spreading more and more everyday.


Q: What has it been like playing on the Warped Tour?

Savannah:  We didn’t know what to expect coming into this tour because we’re more a pop band, but the reception has been really great. We’ve been working hard, meeting new fans..nothing negative at all.


The Heirs are on the Vans Warped Tour all summer!

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