Q&A: Kohl Bladen, “Halloween: The Night Evil Died”


I chatted with Kohl Bladen, creator of the new fan film “Halloween: The Night Evil Died.” We talked about his love for the horror series, and his latest entry.

Q: Where are you from?

I’m from Los Angeles, California.


Q: How did you get into the film industry?

I grew up on film sets. My dad is a transportation coordinator for film and he’s pretty much worked on everything. ::laughs::


Q: When did you first discover the “Halloween” franchise?

I discovered the franchise while in film school.


Q: What is your favorite entry in the series and why?

Everybody loves the original. “Halloween H20” is my favorite actually. I love “Psycho” as well. Janet Leigh, who is Jamie Lee Curtis’ mom, is in both films. There are some minor scenes in “H20” that nobody mentions that I over analyze and watched a million times. They do a few score homages to “Psycho”, and even have the same car Janet Leigh’s character drove.


Jamie Lee Curtis had a lot of control in this entry. After “Halloween” and “Halloween 2”, the series became muddy. She wanted the series to be relevant again. It also had a few characters from the original, like Marion Whittington, Loomis’ nurse.


Q: What is your least favorite entry of the franchise?

Probably “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.” It tries to do this whole curse thing, and make it more than it should be. The thing that makes Michael scary is that you don’t really know why he’s doing it. When you try and give him these human characteristics, it doesn’t work. They were treading into a science fiction realm almost.


Q: Who is your favorite character in the ‘Halloween’ series?


Everybody loves Michael ::laughs:: Honestly..it’s Laurie Strode. It’s mainly because Jamie Lee Curtis being an incredible actress, giving that kind of weathered appearance. In the very first one, she’s innocent. Typical high school girl, who wants everything in life. We meet her again in “H20” and we see how she’s damaged. She’s still a good person, but..scared. At any moment she feels she could die. She carries that into “Resurrection” as well, further showing her spiral. I feel like her character is the most realistic.


It kind of sucked she died 20 minutes into “Halloween:Resurrection”…

Honestly, right after he death scene, I pop out the DVD. I don’t need to see Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks ::laughs:: The fact that she survived for 24 years, give or take from the original, and then she’s suddenly killed in the first 20 minutes..it was cool I guess. But it was a HUGE disservice to her character. However, it was her call. She walked into Dimension Films and said “We’re making this movie!” It wasn’t only until two weeks before they started shooting, that she found out you can’t kill Michael Myers. There’s some sort of contract drawn up by the studio. At this point, they were already building sets, everyone was hired acting wise. She would’ve quit right then and there, because she wanted to end the story.


Q: What is this fan film about?

There’s no exact timeline. John and Molly from “H20” ended up having a child. Molly died during child birth, and John ends up dying of cancer. It takes place just after he dies. I don’t have millions of dollars, so I can’t really afford Michelle Williams and Josh Hartnett ::laughs::

It sets the tone for Emma’s character, really. In “H20”, we see John’s life of dealing with his moms past and illness. He couldn’t go out, or have fun camping trips. I thought “What would John do if he had a daughter?” She doesn’t know anything about her family’s past. After he dies, she wonders if she has any family members out there. Trying to make this relevant to current times, she joins an ancestry site, where she finds her Great Grandmother in Haddonfield. Emma and her friends go visit Haddonfield, and finds out about Michael Myers and the murders.

She meets some people in town who knows who she is, but they won’t tell her. They decide to stay in town for the Halloween festival, which is interrupted by Michael of course.


Q: If you could have any actors from the previous films make a cameo, who would it be?

Honestly, I wouldn’t have anyone because we never met Laurie Strode’s mother in the original films. I asked my grandmother, who has been in everything in Hollywood, to play that role. She was around the same age as Pamela as well. She brings so much warmth to the role.

We’re so fortunate to get Tony Moran to play Michael again. I sent him the script, and he loved it. He sees through the script how I want to give “Halloween” a good name again. He sees my passion for the history of the franchise.

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