Q&A: Chardelle Moore & Christina Denny (“BMORE Lifestyle”)


I chatted with Chardelle and Christina about their upbringing, and their new show “BMORE Lifestyle!”

Q: Where are you guys from?

Christina: I grew up in Dundalk, then moved to Owings Mills.

Chardelle: I’m an island girl! I was born in Grand Bay Dominica, but raised in the Washington D.C. area.


Q: Chardelle, how did you get the nickname ‘Motivational Moore?’

Chardelle: It started in college, when I would start inspiring community events. I started to branch out into motivational speeches. It’s all about bringing the positivity and empowering others to reach their full potential. ::sings: “Gotta bring that motivation!”

Christina: Perfect nickname!

Q: Christina, what was it like competing for the title of Miss USA?

It wasn’t my first time competing on a national stage, but it was AMAZING. I came out of it with a new friend in each state. Everything that I do in the public eye makes me more confident and more grounded. I can bring all of that to this show, and be a better representative for Baltimore.


Q: What is “BMORE Lifestyle” about?

Chardelle: The show is focused on women. We want to inform, empower and educate the 25-54 year old demographic in all parts of your life. Family, fashion, health..right now we’re the ONLY daily lifestyle show, so we’re bringing something different.

Christina: We REALLY care what the viewers want. We always ask for feedback from the audience on what they like, what they don’t, and what they want to see.


Q:  Chardelle, what is your favorite part of working with Christina?

She’s SUPER positive. She keeps it REAL, which I love. I love women who are REAL. I appreciate her as a woman..it’s sometimes hard to find that in this industry.


Q: Christina, what is your favorite part of working with Chardelle?

I don’t have a lot of TV experience, so I look to her for advice on placement, what I can and cannot say. I’ve had a billion and a half questions, and she’s answered ALL of them. ::laughs::


Q: What has been your favorite segment so far?

Christina: I’ve done a few segments at The Maryland Zoo, and I loved being able to wash an Elephant. I got to touch their skin, wash them, lift their ears up. It was pretty neat!


Q: You two are very strong, smart, and accomplished women. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why?

Christina: Ellen DeGeneres.

Chardelle: Oprah!

Christina: They would be amazing. We’ve learned so much from them. I have a laundry list of questions.  ::laughs::

Chardelle: I’m a huge Oprah fan, and the fact that she started here in Baltimore is so inspiring. People think the media is easy. They think it’s glamorous, we’re making a million dollars..but in reality, it takes hard work, and you have to pay your dues.


“BMORE Lifestyle” airs weekdays at 2:30pm on My 24!

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