Q&A: Sam Lukowski

I sat down with Maryland native, Sam Lukowski recently. We chatted about growing in the Free State, and his acting career thus far.

Q: Where did you grow up?

I’m a Baltimore man. I grew up around Moravia.My parents moved us out to the county when I was in High School.


Q:  When did you know you wanted to be an actor?

Age 6. I’m asthmatic, so I couldn’t play sports with the other boys. The only other kids who weren’t at recess were the girls who were playing house. So I joined them. I went “Oh! I can do this for a living.” So now I can pretend to be an athlete. ::laughs::


Q: What was your first role?

My first role was a shepherd in a play or something. The first role that I wanted to play was John Procter in “The Crucible”, which is my favorite play. My first movie role was playing a Neo-Nazi. It was fun because it was the first time I wasn’t type cast as the “pretty good looking, well built 19-20 something.”


Q: Do you still get nervous when you audition?

No. The trick is to remember that the casting directors WANT to cast you. If you don’t get the call back, just brush it off and go to the next audition.


Q: What has been your most challenging role, and why?

I don’t like when actors think of this profession as rocket science. I used to work for Shock Trauma doing scenarios for medical staff, so they could prepare. There are things that ARE difficult. It comes down to two things: finding the work, and finding a gross role, in which people associate with you always. I have more than once played a sexual predator. What could that role lead to, or could it close doors for me in the future?


Q: Who inspires you?

Anyone that’s not a method actor. Someone like Meryl Streep, William H Macy, Idris Elba, Morgan Freeman..they know the difference between the art and artist.


Q: Are there any actors you’d like to work with?

I don’t care..I don’t know ::laughs:: Anyone that wants to work with me.


Q: What is your favorite part of acting?

I love the storytelling aspect of it. I love the fuck ups! It’s a great feeling when you and your partner can work your back to the script without the audience knowing anything was wrong.

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