Q&A: Matt Hutchison

I chatted with Matt Hutchison about his life in Maryland and his upcoming event with WTMD.

Q: Talk about where you grew up, etc

I was born in Annapolis. Truth be told, I’ve been a Maryland for most of my life, but I’ve NEVER picked a crab. I’ve had people pick them for me. It’s just never appealed to me. I do love crabs though. ::laughs::

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

The Monkees was my first musical love. I suppose I first saw them on TV. Then I discovered The Beatles, and Paul McCartney. He’s the guy I wanted to be. In fact, I put his name on all of my school papers. So when she would pass them out, and say “Who’s Paul McCartney?” I could proudly raise my hand.


Q: Who inspires you?

Both sides of my family are very artistic. My mom is one of eleven kids, and they would have to keep themselves busy growing up. I remember around the holidays at my Grandmothers, they would be sitting around the mantle singing oldies from Peter, Paul, & Mary, and songs from that era. All of them have SOMETHING to do with music. Some are in the industry, and some just love to play music on the side.


Q: What is the most difficult part of being in the industry?

Steady money. My wife teachers in the Baltimore County school system, so she’s salaried. Raising two boys is difficult enough, but not always having the supplemental income can be tough. That’s why when I can make a gig work, I do it regardless.


Q: You kind of already answered it, but how do you balance everything?

I don’t know how we do it honestly. When the boys go down, I write feverishly, or book gigs, or record press. The things that HAVE to be done get done. Like changing diapers, feeding the kids..things like that. When you have that free time, you have to make the most of it.


Q: What is your song “Girl” about?

It’s funny you ask that. Sometimes when I write, I write vicariously through other people. It’s about a girl out there, who has a song to sing, and really wants to blossom into herself.


Q: What is it like being featured on WTMD?

It’s a dream come true. Have you ever seen the movie “That Thing You Do?” Remember the scene when they first hear their song on the radio? You can NEVER understate the feeling the first time you hear your song on the radio.  It’s something I created and produced, so it holds so much meaning. The only other time I had that feeling is when my kids were born.

Well technically, the song could be considered one of your kids..

Exactly! I just don’t have to change it’s diaper. WTMD is such a gem in our community. I don’t think any other station has been as supportive to the local music scene as they have.

Matt performs at 89.7 WTMD Studios on April 20th!

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