I chatted with Brad and Devin from LFO about their classic hits and deciding to tour again all these years later.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Devin: I was about sixteen years old. I knew I wanted to entertain and create music.


Q: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

Brad:  “Baby Be Mine.” There’s just a lot of energy in that song. It’s so dynamic.


Q: If you could describe your LFO experience in one word, what it would be and why?

Brad: ‘Hell.’ Nick, the reality of it is people think when you’re in the industry, you lead a charmed life. Coming back is about redemption and to have a better experience. We wanted to have some fun!


Q: What was it like filming your music video “Girl On TV” with Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Devin: It was cool! I liked being in that nice car. Jennifer Love Hewitt smelled good. She was cute, had a nice smile. The director was subdued and pretty fair. That’s my final answer.

Brad: DING.


Q: How does it feel knowing “Summer Girls” is still iconic?

Brad: Awesome. It’s cool that people still remember those times. Whether it be their high school or college days. It puts a smile on my face when 18 years later, people are still talking about it.


Q: How hard was it going back on tour after all these years?

Brad: It was hard because we don’t have a big staff or crew. But it’s so exciting to get out there and perform for our fans again.


Q: What do your fans mean to you?

Brad: They’ve always meant a lot to us. They’re even more special now. We’re not on the radio, we’re not on MTV, we’re not on the cover of magazines, but they’re still coming out. I can’t begin to describe the appreciation we have for them.


Q: Are you guys excited for your show here at Fish Head Cantina?

Devin: Of course. How could you not be excited to play a place called Fish Head Cantina?

Brad: Baltimore has always been close to our hearts. We haven’t played at that specific venue but we’re very amped to be there.

LFO headlines Fish Head Cantina Friday!

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