Q&A: Matt Stover

I chatted with Ravens legend, Matt Stover, about his football career and the Players Philanthropy Fund.

Talk about your childhood, where you grew up, etc

I grew up in Dallas, Texas. My parents did a great job raising us three kids. Growing up, I had the opportunities to play soccer, football, baseball AND basketball. I had a great public school education as well. I was a wide receiver at first in high school. Think “Friday Night Lights.” I then punted later on, and did a combo of the two as well.


What was it like winning two Super Bowls in your career?

It was a privilege to be a part of a team that had that opportunity. Many guys have played longer than I have, but their team just wasn’t good enough. The Ravens Super Bowl 35 team were so special. We had guys on that roster that came together all season and never pointed fingers. We still had differences, but we won games when we had to.


What does it mean to you being a part of the Ravens Ring Of Honor?

It’s an absolute privilege that the team thinks that highly of me to have my name in that stadium forever. It was just a ‘WOW’ moment to be able to represent my family, my city, and my team.


Speaking of people who think highly of you..I was talking to Jamie Costello from ABC 2 about you. He said “Matt Stover is the greatest human being alive.” What is your reaction?

::laughs:: I giggle! What you gotta do is come and live with me for a little while. I’m just a normal guy who learned how to kick a football. I married up, I have three great kids. With my blessings, I’ve been able to give back to the community, and be a role models for others. That’s been one of my core values since I’ve been in the NFL.

What is the Players Philanthropy Fund?

Instead of having someone having a private foundation, they become an agent of the PPF and raise private funds. They can throw events or throw fundraisers. There are SO many different athletes and celebrities a part of the PPF.

The non-profit industry has to be treated like a business. If you don’t do everything according to the IRS guidelines, you could be in BIG trouble with the law. We help facilitate the paperwork side of things. We make sure the accounts are set up properly and the money is raised correctly. We also make sure contracts are tightened up.


Is it cool for you to be able to help nurture younger Ravens players in the world of fundraising and non-profits?

For me, it’s just a way of giving back. Another way is giving these athletes and celebrities a SAFE play to go to raise money for their cause. We’ve already created that safe haven for them


Q: You’re Co-hosting the Beltway, Boards, and Brews Corn Hole Tournament this Monday with Pam Shriver. Are you excited?

Oh yeah! I look at this as an introduction of the PPF to the community. Not just to our process, but to also the players and their causes. It should be a blast!

The Beltway, Boards and Brews Celebrity Cornhole Tournament is Monday at The Baltimore Museum of Industry!

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