Q&A: Glenn Kubota (“Aubergine”)

I chatted with Glenn Kubota about his career and new play “Aubergine.”

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?

I got started kinda late. I didn’t start acting until I was in my early thirties. I worked for the government prior to acting.


What is your favorite film of all time and why?

::laughs:: This is tough. Given that I live in New York now, I would say “The French Connection.” The street life depicted in that film is pretty true of what I’ve seen on the streets.


What is “Aubergine” about and who do you play?

The play is about food and how that intersects love and loss. I play the main characters father. They’ve had a history of not being emotionally close. Ray is a critically acclaimed chef and tries to reach his father through his cooking. The father is dying so during the play he’s in hospice care.


What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

It’s a long road. I would keep plugging away at it and believe in yourself and what you want to do.


How has your experience been in Baltimore so far?

Oh I love Baltimore! I was here in 2011 or 2012. I did “Snow Falling On Cedars.” The one thing I’ve always wondered is why the post office closes for lunch.

::both laugh::

If someone hasn’t seen the play yet, why should they come out and see it?

It’s a play about food and family. How families can have warts and how they can love each other. I think everyone can embrace it.

“Aubergine” plays at Everyman Theatre until 4/15.

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