Q&A: Skyward Story

I chatted with Aaron, Scott, and Brandon of Skyward Story about how the band came to be and their upcoming gig on The Warped Tour.

Scott and Aaron, what was the process like finding a third member of the band?

Scott: It was a little stressful because it took so long. There were people out there, but they were LITERALLY out there. It was hard to find someone who we didn’t have to chase around the country.

Aaron, how difficult was coming into a built fan base?

Aaron: There was so much stuff going on behind the scenes. It’s a business. We have spreadsheets and all of that. The process of moving in wasn’t too hard. At that point, I was living in an apartment I couldn’t afford. So I decided to pack up and move here from Georgia.I had always wanted to join a band so I went all in.


Is there a story behind the band name?

Aaron: One night we were driving through God knows where and we were listening to the All Time Low song “Guts.” The first line is “Shooting for the stars.” We’ve always wanted “Story” in the name and we’re going “skyward.” So it came together pretty quickly.


What is your favorite song to perform and why? 

Scott: Mine is an unreleased one.

Brandon: We should probably release it at some point.

Scott: I’ll leave it at that!

Aaron: My favorite is “Hey.” It’s so energetic.

Brandon: “Smile” has been my favorite for a while. It has such a cool factor to it.


Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in life?

Aaron: Most definitely moving ten hours away just so I could join a band.

Scott: Probably spending almost two years on the road promoting our band.

Brandon: Bouncing off of that, mine is graduating high school and then almost immediately playing Warped Tour.


How tough can it get on the road?

Aaron: It depends. Back when we were called the other name..it’s sacred, like Voldemort! ::laughs:: Our bus just broke down in Nashville. Oh, and a rock smashed the window the night before. My voice was literally shot as well. What a terrible road trip that was.


Do you guys enjoy communicating with your fans on social media?

Aaron: Oh yeah. We recently just re-upped our street team because we want people to be more involved. They’ve been really supporting. Sixty members in two weeks.

Scott: People comment on our page and we reply. We’re personal that way.

Aaron: I’ve seen and heard fans do some funny shit ::laughs::

Oh, I’ve seen your fans in person before. I know! ::all laugh::

Are you excited about Warped Tour this Sunday?

Aaron: Oh definitely. I’ve never gotten to go yet. I’m a little anxious, honestly.

Scott: We did a whole summer on the tour before. I’m prepared!

Brandon: We have a few shows with Warped and then we have a few solo dates upcoming as well. Can’t wait!

Skyward Story performs this Sunday on The Warped Tour at Merriweather!

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