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I chatted with Steve Grand about life on the road, his favorite exercise routines, and his new album!

How tough can life be on the road?

I’m so grateful to be able to see different cities and towns. I always make a point to not complain. Whenever I feel like complaining I try and have a sense of humility about it. The “herding” aspect of being on the road can be a little stressful. At the end of the day, it’s worth it. I really, really love being a performer.

You’ve performed at many PRIDE festivals over the past few years. What have your experiences been like?

Every PRIDE festival is so different.¬† Depending on how big or small they are. Who’s organizing them, stuff like that. Sometimes we’re just winging it and it can be stressful. But they’re all always fun. PRIDE festivals have always been important to me.

You’re a pretty buff dude..

Thanks brah!

You’re a pretty buff dude, brah ::both laugh:: What is your favorite workout routine?

I hate ALL of it. ::laughs:: Lately I’ve been swimming. I’ve been having some back issues. My body is breaking down and is decrepit. It’s a full body work out. It strengthens your lungs which is great since I’m a singer. I highly recommend it to everyone.

How difficult is it for you to exercise and eat healthy why you’re on the road?

It all depends. I’ve noticed this past year that my metabolism is slowing down and it’s horrifying. I can’t eat a lot of bad stuff and get away with it anymore. I do drink a lot of Diet Coke and stuff like that. I was a very heavy drinker but I’m two and half¬† years sober, so I cut myself some slack. Hopefully I can cut down to just water soon. Progress!

What is your favorite song off your new record?

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child.

Well, you’re just going to have pick a favorite child.

Fine! I would say “Disciple.” It really captures where I was at when I wrote it. I was in a dark place. It gives me chills when I listen to it.

What is your song “Don’t Let The Light In” about?

I wrote that song when I was getting sober. I had been living kind of fast for a while there. Going out, trying to meet people because I was single for the first time in a bit. I really just wanted to be home with someone. We don’t need to get crazy, we could just stay home and watch a movie and be with each other.

How have you grown from your first EP to now?

My perspective has changed and I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’ve been through enough to learn that you can’t get so tense and worked up over every little thing.

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Steve’s new album “Not The End Of Me” is out now!


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