Q&A: Isiah Whitlock Jr (“The Good Cop”)

I chatted with Isiah Whitlock Jr. from “The Wire” about his new show “The Good Cop” and the Nathanial Oaks corruption charge scandal!

What legacy do you think “The Wire” has left in pop culture?

I think it’s left a great legacy. Especially in shining the spotlight on different problems in America. It shows us how we go to where we are. The show foreshadows a lot of the things that are happening today.

Last year, you were in “Cars 3”, “The Mist”, and “CHIPS.” All three are entirely different. Do you purposely go after roles that are different than the prior one?

A lot of people just kind of know what project is right. I think I can play a range of characters, so I tend to go after roles that compliment my view of the world at that time.

What was the last show you binge watched?

I’ve never binge watched a show ::laughs:: I’ll watch episodes here and there but never back to back to back. I just don’t have the time.

You co-star in the show “The Good Cop” with Tony Danza and Josh Groban. What is the show about and who do you play?

The show is about a father and son. Tony plays the father who just did some time in jail for illegal activities. Josh Groban plays his son who’s much more of a straight arrow. So you’ll have the old versus new styles of fighting crime.

I play Burl Loomis, who is a pretty straight forward, blunt guy. He’s getting ready to retire so he’s tired of all the bullshit ::laughs::

Why do you think your bobble heads are still so popular?

People are just fascinated with bobble heads. I’ve noticed that they really only sell them here in America. I think people only expect to see baseball players or football players as bobble heads. Not Clay Davis. Not to mention that mine talks AND says “sheeeeeeeeeit!” ::laughs:: I’ve run into people on the street and they just scream “I got the bobble head! I got the bobble head!” I get a kick out of that.

What was your reaction when you found that a sitting Maryland State Senator, who represents the same District Clay Davis does in “The Wire” was arrested on corruption charges?

::laughs:: He’s going to have to do ten years or so for fifteen grand? ::laughs:: He must not have watched “The Wire.”

“The Good Cop” is streaming NOW on Netflix!

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