Q&A: Starbelly

I chatted with Greg Schroeder from Starbelly about the bands music and their upcoming show in Annapolis

Talk about your childhood, where you grew up, etc

I grew up in the middle of five children with two older brothers and one younger brother and sister. Music was always around growing up. My parents had a very eclectic record collection. My older brothers influenced me the most with rock, pop and jazz from the fifties and sixties.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I never really set out to be a musician. I just started playing as a teenager and never looked back.

Is there a story behind the band name?

It came about from a book my son had lying around one day at band rehearsal. It’s a reference from the Dr Seuss book “The Sneetches And Other Stories.” The Sneetches had stars on their bellies and everyone in the band decided to go with it.

What was it like having your song “Lay Low” featured on WTMD’s Top 89 Songs of 2018?

WTMD has been REALLY great to us. “Lay Low” and our album “Four” have really taken off due to there support. We owe them!

What is your song “Baby’s Eyes” about?

That song is off our second album “Everyday And Then Some.” Dennis Schocket wrote it about his daughter.

What is it like being a part of the Baltimore/Maryland music scene?

The scene is VERY supportive with a rich history of diversity.

Are you excited about your show at Rams Head Annapolis this weekend?

We are! It’s our first time headlining that venue. Charles Kavoossi is opening the show so I hope you get there in time to see him!

(Photo Credit: Rick Brady)

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