Q&A: Medium Darren BuCare

I chatted with Medium Darren BuCare about his paranormal experiences and his thoughts on Halloween.

Talk about your background, where you’re from, etc

I left home at eighteen and moved to Los Angeles to go to school for Ayurvedic Palm Reading. I then ended up in Savannah, where I was trained as an interactive medium.

So you live in Highlandtown correct?

I moved here in February, relocating from New Orleans.

Why Highlandtown?

It’s a really vibrant area. It’s a very strong, loyal community.

How much opposition do you receive in your field?

I don’t see it. I’ve appeared on a lot of media including “The Ellen Show”, CNN, etc..If people contact me they know they’re getting the real thing. Do people run into me and are incredulous sometimes? Sure.

Have you seen anything truly horrifying in your experience?

Oh, all the time. Things that could’ve been the brother of Smeagol (Gollum) from “Lord Of The Rings”, dis-embodied spirits, people that are possessed, shadow people, physical manifestations of things flying across rooms..

What is it like hosting your own podcast?

It’s wondrous. There’s so much for us to cover on a weekly basis, so I try to change it up. I love having people calling in.

Why do you think people like Halloween?

Summer is all about light energy; light clothing, indulging in carefree activities outside. As we reach the darker part of the year, we want to engage in things that are more primal. We can be whoever we want. Ariel from “Little Mermaid” or Pyramid Head from “Silent Hill.” We can embrace the shadow that follows us all the time..to step out of our own reality.

Are you excited about the Gritty In The City Ghost Tour this Friday?

There are so much RICH history here. Some have had harrowing experiences, some have been campy and fun. There’s a lot of strife and mystery behind some paranormal activity. Any port city like Baltimore will have tons of ghost stories. Pirates frequent our area all the time

Darren will be leading the Gritty In The City Ghost Tour through Highlandtown (Night Owl Gallery) this Friday, November 1st from 5pm-9pm

Ticket link

Darren’s Official Website