Q&A: The Clairvoyants

I chatted with Thommy from The Clairvoyants about their journey on “America’s Got Talent” and their illusions.

What is your gift?

We’re inspired by human phenomenon. Do you ever think of someone randomly and then the friend calls you? We delve into that human connection. We always try and have a connection with the audience or objects they might have. They change every night so for us it’s incredibly fun.

What is your favorite illusion and why?

People can bring objects and Amelie, who is blindfolded, has to guess what it is. We have interesting stuff sometimes that even blows our mind!

What was it like receiving the Champions of Mentalism award in 2015?

It’s a big honor! But for us, it’s more rewarding to be in front of a crowd every night and make them leave believers.

You’ve traveled all over the world. Is there one city that stands out to you?

We’ve performed all over the world, and the reactions can be different. But we absolutely love performing in New York City and Las Vegas. We love being able to take selfies with fans and sign autographs after.

If you could describe your experience on “America’s Got Talent” in one word, what would it be and why?

A roller coaster. ::laughs:: It was a half of year of our lives. We enjoyed every second. We absolutely LOVE going back to be special guests on their result shows or holiday specials.

What was it like going back for their “Champions” season?

“Champions” was a lot of fun. There were acts from all over the world competing together. I don’t think that’s ever been done before. It was great to see Simon and all of the other judges again as well.

Are you excited about your upcoming show in Charles Town?

We’re looking forward to it! It’s our Christmas tour so we want everyone to come and relax and just leave their stress at home. Let’s have a good time!

The Clairvoyants headline Hollywood Casino in Charles Town on Friday, December 20th! Buy tickets

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