Comedy Spotlight Q&A: Jeremiah Watkins

I chatted with comedian Jeremiah Watkins about his new comedy special and his love of horror films.

When did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

I didn’t know it could be a reality. I was a kid in Kansas and didn’t know how to get there. When I got into High School, I researched it and realized people CAN make a career out of it.

I read you were in a horror movie. Tell me all about it.

I was the lead in a suspense thriller called “I Lived.” I don’t know how many people ended up seeing it. It was a true indie film. I love when folks come up to me after shows and ask about it. When they do that I know they’re a true fan.

What is YOUR favorite horror movie?

The “Insidious” movies are some of my favorites. I love how they’re filmed and how they make you feel. I love “The Exorcist”, “Fright Night”, “Wishmaster”, and “An American Werewolf In London.”

I’m a huge horror buff and you have good taste, my friend.

::laughs:: Thank you very much.

The part in “Insidious” that scared the shit out of me the most was the quick side shot of Patrick Wilson and the demon appeared.

Oh dude, that demon is terrifying. I just got chills thinking about it.

How did you make Judd Apatow fall in love with comedy again?

I was a part of a show called “Roast Battle” on Comedy Central for a few seasons. Basically we would do sketches and vignettes that would be a pallet cleanser for the audience in between the craziness going on. Sometimes we would out hype the joke that was just said on stage. After a joke hit the season finale..a live broadcast, I shaved my pubic hair in front of a live audience. It was something so ridiculous and zany that people haven’t seen on tv. I had an electric razor for the bit. I grew it out for months because I’m committed to all of my work.

Didn’t need a weed whacker?

::laughs:: Maybe a John Deere after this quarantine.

How has touring changed since lockdown?

I’m in the small group of comedians that have still been touring but keeping safe. The crowds are much different now size wise. But they want an outlet to come and forget about the craziness for a while. All shows are socially distanced and safety protocols are met. Trying to keep myself safe and everyone else safe.

Congrats on your first child on the way. Is everyone giving you parenting advice?

Yeah. I take it all in but listening to none of it at the same time.

Your new comedy special is available now to watch. Was the pressure on you once you saw your family and friends in the audience?

1,000% It’s one of the things that makes this special different. I embraced it. It was weird, but let’s get on board.

How..awkward was it talking about pulling out during sex in front of your family and friends?

It’s weird, man. They know a more youthful, innocent version of myself before I was doing stand up. I haven’t shifted a ton as a person, but I have a religious upbringing. So some folks were surprised at the stuff coming out of my mouth.

Are you excited about the release of your new comedy special?

I’m more excited for people to see it. It’s something I’ve been working on my craft for the past decade. I’m excited to see the work put out there and how it’s received.

Jeremiah’s new comedy special, “Family Reunion”, is streaming now!

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