Friz On Film Movie Review: “Julia Scotti: Funny That Way”

“Julia Scotti: Funny That Way”

Decades ago, Julia Scotti performed as Rick Scotti, and appeared on bills with Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. Now, the trans comedian returns to the stage as “the crazy old lady of comedy,” in this tender, funny, and triumphant comeback story.

Director: Susan Sandler


This documentary chronicles comedienne Julia Scotti’s early career as Rick Scotti, her transition into Julia, and how if affected her loved ones. 

What struck me the most is the obvious pain she experiences just telling her story. She struggled with coming out and transitioning for a long time and it eventually strains her relationships with her son and daughter. 

In a pivotal moment, she watches an old routine of hers from the 80’s where she makes fun of a transgender person. Her pain and sorrow are palpable.  

All I really knew about Julia before watching this was she had been a contestant a few years back on “America’s Got Talent.” “AGT” is only a small sliver of the film, but to watch her react to all of the positive judges comments (for a second time) and all of the love being tweeted at her was magical. 

I’m a huge comedy fan. And Julia Scott is really, really funny ya’ll. Give her a sitcom. Give her a Netlfix special. Please? 

“Julia Scotti: Funny That Way” is available now to stream on all major Video On Demand services!

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