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“VEEP” & “House Of Cards” score PGA and Art Directors Guild Nominations


Those Baltimore productions are at it again!


“VEEP” is up for the Art Direction Guild award for Half Hour Single Camera Tv Series for “Clovis” “Debate” and “Special Relationship.” It is up for the PGA “Danny Thomas Award For Outstanding Producer – TV


“House Of Cards” is nominated at the Art Direction Guild for “Chapter 18. It is also nominated for the Normal Felton Award for Outstanding Producer – TV Drama


Press Release: Vine 301, The New Face of Wine in Baltimore



Vino 301 Wine Concierge, the new face of Wine in Baltimore

Vino 301 Wine Concierge offers
Wine tours to Maryland’s Vineyards

The number of Maryland vineyards and wineries continues to grow in 2014. Only 30 wineries existed 20 years ago; and today there over 60 wineries throughout the state with more planned to open in 2015. The growth in the number of wineries has resulted in a boom in wine production resulting in an increased interest in Maryland wine. Maryland has experienced an 11% increase in production over the past two years. Maryland wine is popular!

Several changes to Maryland’s beverage laws can be attributed to the growth and popularity. For example, allowing wineries to ship wine purchases to homes and businesses encourages Marylanders and visitors to try wine beyond the vineyards’ property. For example, a wine subscription is now something that allows customers to order cases of wine from the internet to be delivered to your home.

“When you tell people about the number of wineries and the locations, their eyes light up and they become immediately interested. They want to learn more,” Ms. Leslie Frelow, owner and Managing Director of Vino 301 Wine Concierge, states. I started Vino 301 Wine Concierge because Maryland produces great wine. Vino 301 thinks it is important to support our local businesses. I wanted to share with others, in a safe environment, what I enjoy about Maryland wine.

About VINO 301 Wine Concierge

Vino 301 Wine Concierge is based in Bowie, MD. The company provides guided wine tours to many of Maryland’s vineyards and wineries. They provide transportation to and from wineries and guests are able to enjoy wine tasting and tours of the vineyard or facilities. Guests receive a collectible wine and light snack during the tour. Tour guests spend a relaxing afternoon experiencing Maryland’s wine culture. Often, the tour guests can meet the winemakers during the tours. It is an invaluable experience, to hear about the wine process from the actual winemaker.

Vino 301 Wine Concierge’s first tour was in April 2013. Since that time, they have given tours to over 400 people in its first year. The wine tours going to Baltimore-Harford counties, southern Maryland, and Frederick and Carroll Counties wineries. Vino 301 wine tours are ideal for friends to get together and enjoy wine. Many people book group tours for birthdays, corporate outings, or even bachorelette parties.

“Our tour guide Wayne for all that they did last weekend for my sister’s birthday wine tour. It was an amazing experience.” KC Cyularz

Over the past year we have garnered wonderful partnerships with the Maryland Wine Association, Baltimore Tourism Association and Visit Baltimore. In 2015 we hope to continue to spread our love of Wine and Tourism with many more in the Baltimore area.

In the first of many events ,VINO 301 will partner with Warehouse 518 ( to host a Wine Tasting Class. The wine tasting class will include an option for brunch or dinner from Warehouse 518’s fabulous menu. (

Additionally, Vino 301 has become the premier sponsor for The Maryland Wine Associations 2015 Wine Passport Experience held in February. Here guests will have the option to participate in one of six different guided tours (

I am excited about what we have accomplished in our first two years. We look forward to offering more tours and sharing Maryland Wine’s with many more in 2015.


Top Ten TV Shows Of 2014



The entertainment one can find on the television is truly better than ever before and the choice has never been wider. To take full advantage of the incredible content on offer, you may want to consider subscribing to premium TV channels like HBO and Showtime to view some of the award-winning programming that you would otherwise miss out on. For more information, see here –


10. “Gotham”

I didn’t have much faith in FOX putting together a good Batman prequel. Boy was I wrong. The show follows a new recruit, James Gordon, who is paired with veteran Harvey Bullock, to solve the city’s biggest murder case: Thomas and Martha Wayne. We see the evolution of villains Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and the Penguin, among others. Ben McKenzie shines in the lead role, while Jada Pinkett Smith is at her best as Fish Mooney. Solid series.


9. “The Goldbergs”

This sophomore comedy has gotten even better this season. The story centers around, well, The Goldbergs. The show is a throwback to everything you loved/hated about the 80’s. The clothes, the pop culture, the music..especially the music. The creator of the show models each episode after a real occurrence with his own dysfunctional family. The highlight of the show has to be Wendi Mclendon-Covey’s portrayal as the smother, Beverly Goldberg. Give this woman an Emmy dammit!


8. “The Good Wife”

Few shows age and have a resurgence, as “The Good Wife” did last season. The show took a complete 180 plot wise, and infused life back into the drama series. That came with a price, however. Josh Charles’ character was killed off in a courtroom shooting. Gulp. It was truly shocking that this plot twist didn’t leak before hand. Fans of the show were stunned, but it led to some incredible performances from Julianna Marguiles and Christine Baranski. One of the best casts on television.


7. “Parenthood”

Craig T. Nelson, Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, and Monica Potter lead an all-star cast, telling the story of the Braverman clan. It’s your quintessential family drama with story lines we can all relate to, but the cast just brings it to a whole new level. Whoever did the casting for this show deserves a nice pat on the back.


6. “House Of Cards”

Shocked this isn’t number one? Heh. Anyway, Season 2 of this Maryland filmed drama slipped a bit I thought from the inaugural season. It was still sleek, but a few of the plot lines felt forced and silly. It did, however, provide one of the biggest OMG WTF moments in TV history. I’m looking at you, Miss Barnes. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright still give commanding lead performance. They’re both ruthless, and sometimes slimy, but you still root for them. F.U.


5. “True Detective”

One of the true gems to come out of HBO in the last decade or so. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson give insanely good performances. The writing = impeccable. Alright, alright, alright.



4. “Happy Valley”

I was surprised I liked this BBC One import as much as I did. The show follows a strong-willed police sergeant, still coming to terms with her daughters suicide. She spots her daughters ex-boyfriend, and father to her grandson, on the street in her town and becomes obsessed with finding him. What she uncovers may just kill her. The characters are real and complex, while the writing is simply breathtaking at times.


3. “The Walking Dead”

This year was one of the best for Rick and company. Rick grew some balls finally, but Carl is still..annoying as hell. However, the writing has improved dramatically since last season. This isn’t just a show about zombies, it’s about survival. Survival of the fittest. “Beth I hear you calling..”



2. “VEEP”

Another show that has improved dramatically since its previous season. Julia Louis Dreyfus is superb as Selina Meyer. There’s a scene where she finds out she’s becoming POTUS..and it is quite possibly one of the funniest scenes in a comedy ever.


1. “Orange Is The New Black”

Season 2 of “Orange Is The New Black” delved into the pasts of the inmates much more. That’s my favorite part of the show by the way. The show also introduced a new villain this season. She could be annoying at times, but she got hers in the end. Or did she? The writers seemed to find their stride this season..let’s hope Season 3 is even better!



2014: A Recap



Here’s a recap of what was 2014 in Baltimore


Comings and Goings:



Megan Pringle returned to local TV, landing at WBAL. Kai Jackson announced that he will also be returning to TV, this time at FOX 45.

Marianne Banister, Rick Boone, Brandi Proctor, Joce Sterman, Don Scott, Jenn Marino, Mary Anne Perry said goodbye.

We wrapped our arms around, and welcomed: Joanna Campbell, Trang Do, Catherine Hawley, Karen Campbell, Marcus Washington, Rick Ritter, Adrienne Green, Mary McKenzie, Larry Collins, & Tracy Leong!


Maryland Based Productions Flourish


“VEEP” and “House Of Cards” continue to dominate critics “Best Of” lists as well as Hollywood awards. “VEEP” was honored with several nominations at this years Emmy and SAG awards, taking home the Best Actress prize at both ceremonies for Julia Louis Dreyfus. Robin Wright shocked everyone by nabbing the Golden Globe for Best Drama Actress, while “Breaking Bad” swept the Series and Actor races.

“Philomena”, which filmed in Montgomery County, reaped Judi Dench a Golden Globe, SAG, and Oscar nomination. The film also nabbed a Best Picture nomination at the Globes and the Oscars.

Indie film “Sally Pacholok” shot in the area this year as well. That will be released in 2015.




On March 11th, Zach Lederer passed away at the age of 20. Zach was diagnosed with brain tumor at age 11.  It then returned when he was 17. Zach was an inspirational figure not just locally, but nationally. The picture of him making a strongman pose, later dubbed “Zaching”, went viral and inspired many fighting  cancer.

Here’s a gallery of local and national celebrities Zaching:

Donate to the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation:


“Star Spangled Spectacular”


This year, Baltimore was in the national spotlight, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner! The region was engulfed in red, white, and blue,  and fireworks too. Tall ships were brought in from all over, while the Blue Angels entertained thousands and shook many houses.


The fun ended with a huge concert and fireworks display at Pier Six and Fort McHenry starring Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Train and Kristin Chenoweth among others. John Lithgow and Jordin Sparks hosted the event.


“Orioles Magic”


When you think of 2014 in Baltimore, you think of Orioles Magic. The O’s went on to the win the AL East Division, making it all the way to the ALCS, where they fell to the Royals. Saying they were a very fun team to watch this year is an understatement. They brought magic back to this city. After every win, or after every rally, there was orange electricity in the air.

No longer are we a city that just bleeds purple.