Q&A: Kraig Moss

I chatted with Kraig Moss (a.k.a. The Trump Troubadour) about his son’s opiod addiction and how he feels President Trump has gone back on his word.

Talk about your childhood, where you grew up, etc

I was born in Binghamton, New York. It’s about 210 miles from New York City.

What was the allure to Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016?

January 6, 2014 was a life changer for me. I lost my son, Rob,  to a heroin overdose. He meant everything to me. Two years had gone by..I fell off the bandwagon if you will. I had no ambition to do anything with my life. We work and we teach our children so they can go on in the world when we’re gone. I had taught him foundation repair.

It was 2016 when Mr. Trump promised the American people that he would address addiction in a real and solid way. I went to a garage sale and I met someone who was going up to Iowa for the caucuses. He was going to show off a portrait he had made of Trump up there at a few venues. We got to talking about my music and how I had my eye on Trump as a candidate. So I agreed to go with him. He was going to drive cross country but I flew.

We went to a Trump rally and I was mesmerized. His venues were small at first. During a question and answer session and I asked him about the opioid epidemic and my son. I started to cry. He came to where I was and promised me that he would do everything he could to help and honor my son. I was supposed to go back home the following day, but I ended up driving around in the Trump Truck and going to other campaign stops and local meetings with the campaign.

What was going through your mind when he was elected?

I never paid attention to the polls throughout the election. I felt very confident he would win so I went to bed early. The next morning I was very relieved. I knew there were going to be more rehab programs, lower deductibles on healthcare, and he was the one to do it. He said he was surrounded by the smartest people and they would get it done.

It was around February when I started receiving phone calls about the first healthcare bill. They said the direction the bill was going, it was going to wipe out all the necessary help we need going forward, including parts of Medicaid. I didn’t believe them at first. But then I started doing research and they were right. It was gutting programs and organizations that were treating addiction. This was a bill that was supposed to  be in honor of MY SON. Yet, he’s gutting everything that Obamacare was funding. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a huge fan of Obama or Obamacare, BUT Trump wasn’t even going to keep the parts of it that DID work.

Why did you decide to write this book?

Honestly, I never intended to. I just wanted to tell my story. I wanted to tell my son’s story.  Donald Trump said he wasn’t a politician, but let me tell you, he’s a pretty savvy one. His campaign would send out questionnaire’s before a campaign stop and figure out what they were passionate about. When he got there, he would talk about those things only to rile up the local base. In the end, I wanted Trump supporters to read about all the promises and the lies.

Kraig’s book “Trump Troubadour No More:  How I Lost Faith In Our President” is available now. Buy from Amazon

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